WR450 dun blowed up... twice

I put an air valve on my frame, added helium 60 lbs psi and the bike with all fluids weighs 47 lbs. Will put cloride in the tires, can't get any traction.

That's the best one I've heard in a while!!!

You guys crack me up!!


And thank goodness my life partner was very understanding about this

Beezie, You promised you wouldn't tell anyone..... :D

I believe him too, I'm on my 4th motor, and I've only ridden my bike four times.... I think the 5th time is the charm.... I'm starting to feel that I should have bought a used XR400 instead...... :)


LMMFAO!!! HE HE. THat struck me funny :)---Mike

Show us some pictures. I find this a load of crap. --Mike

Think of it, during the starting process on whatever stroke the the engine was in, it ignighted with the piston at half stroke causeing the backfire, which turned the crank, transmission gears etc... backwards, the kicker gear also turned backwards. The kicker gear has a cam on it, the cam presses up against the outer primary and cracks it, and the right side crankcase and whatever else it grabs. The only thing is on the second occasion the kicker gear snapped only the outer primary and the kicker gear shaft.

Is it really that unbelieveable?

I have no pictures, but tomorrow I'll get the work order from my office and gladly scan in the work order with my make, model and vin# and all the parts & #'s if someone will give me a url or tell me how to upload a jpg on to the post.

Til' tomorrow

If it is true sorry for the harness. It just seems like a really wierd break. Espeacially twice. ---Mike

Is it really that unbelieveable?


Thats why in the initial post my question was should keep it.

I had a Suzuki PE175 - great bike for its time... if I stalled it on a steep rutted hill I would use the clutch to keep from rolling back out of control. Sometimes it would start and run backwards! Never had a part failure because of it. Obviously, Suzuki had built a superior bike that was meant to be run forward, backward, or sideways. My WR and YZ are overpowered, complicated dogs compared to those good 2-smokes of yesteryear. Hopefully, the new Kawasaki/Suzuki 4 strokes will have the same bothways feature.



I have seen the start and run backwards thing too!! The bike was a very old yamaha 60. My younger brother started the bike up, grabbed a bunch of throttle and dumped the cluth......and promptly shot backwards about 6 ft, with a very surprised look on his face.

At 15yrs old or so my eyes were very wide! His were too! he then slooowly let out the clutch.....and went backwards again!

Long story short, he shut the bike down and started it again and it ran fine!! Still the damndest thing I ever saw a bike do!


don't forget guys, if you ride with an umbrella you can ride your wr's under water cause you won't get wet !!

Oh yes the other day I was having a pee and my prick exploded

Should I keep it? :)

LOL LOL LOL "should I keep it" LOL !!!!!!


Oh Man!! This is getting better by the moment! :)

What time of day was it ? Sunset, I hope. Flaming bikes are sure pretty when backgrounded by the setting sun. Where you going fast? Hope so, leaving contrails of smoke just adds to the affect of a flaming bike. That's why I repack my muffler with toilet paper before every ride. It fools the rangers in to thinking its a two stroke and keeps my buddies from getting too close to pass.

I've seen a 2-stroke run backwards but NEVER a 4-stroke.

I had a 1979 Husky OR250 and about 1 out of 25 times started, it would be running backwards. You could let out the clutch and burn out in reverse. Kill it, restart and you were going the right way. I always assumed it was just a bad design.

What the heck is going on over here??? :) You guys are too much! :D

Beezer needs some help,LTFOL!!!!!!!!!!!! :):D :D

But should he keep it, should he keep it?

Lets take a poll!

I say yes.

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