WR450 dun blowed up... twice

I don't want to RUB Beezer the wrong way.

YES,He should keep it. :)

You Yamaha guys are too much. This is the funniest d&mn thread I've read in a long time. One of the best examples (besides sharing useful experiences and information) of why these forums are so great. Oh yea, the running backwards thing is a 2-stroke only phenomenon.

I beg to differ - four strokes can run backwards also. In 1986 Kawasaki Heavy Industries initiated the "Triamarion Project" - a reverse-running 4 stroke engine designed to eliminate some of the dangers of engine backfiring. Many remote parts of the world rely upon manual engine starting because the maintenance of an electrical system is difficult and expensive. People have even been killed by hand-cranks kicking back - a fact! The Kawasaki project strove to build a platform that would work on farms and such - they designed a hemispherical head, 4 valve unit that could run either way. Both intake valves and exhaust valves were sized identically, and the camshaft lifts and durations were also alike for both sides. A magneto driven, solenoid-assisted check valve was implemented on both dual-purpose manifolds so that the carburetion would immediately be selected depending on relative manifold pressure (direction of rotation). Each manifold was "Y" shaped with the check valve being located at the common junction. About 300 pre-production units were distributed to rice farmers for testing. Unfortunately, the units were confusing to operate, as the driven machinery was often designed to run in one direction only. The project was scrapped in 1987. :)

Sputter- now that is interesting. How did you ever hear about that?

I heard about it when a company I worked for was called into Japan for "wetwork repair". Evidently, a large rice harvester that had about a dozen workers on it began running the wrong way after a backfire. All 12 of the workers were drawn in and sliced up pretty badly - actually fatally. Kawasaki hired our U.S. firm to keep it quiet - they didn't want to lose face because they were working on the earliest KLX prototypes at the time, and feared sales reprisals. As it turned out, the '89 KX250 two-stroke was such a sales success, the KLX project was postponed until nearly 10 years later. :)

standard 2-stroke engines are capable of running with the crank rotating in either direction. However, a 4-stroke is not, unless of course it is designed to do so like the earlier mention. This thread has really gotten off track. I am very curious about the WR450 that has broken twice now and would like to understand how. But with every other reply being some smart-ass remark it is becoming impossible. Can we get back on track and try to maybe learn something here instead of insulting one another? :)

Moony once your post total gets a little bigger you will come across the proverbial "troll". The troll always has single digit post totals and posts only to cause trouble.

Usally the posts get nasty. This time we had fun with the poster.

Excuse me for being a "troll", if a troll is someone who buys a $7000 four stroke lemon (being Thumpertalk is a forum for four stroke enthusiasts and douch bags alike) that blew up twice, excuse me imploded twice. Sorry my # of posts are "single digit" but I found TT the day I made this post.

Thanks for all the helpful info, hope the people in the crf forum are as nice as you all are, and also hope to see you "douch bags" on the side of the trail.




10 ohh ohh, am I no longer a troll?

Interesting way to rack up the post miles. I will have to remember that one. I checked your link and didn't get anything. Are you sure it is working correctly?

I'm all for good fun but sometimes we are looking for real answers..... and for those who have 4 digit posts tallies, all I can say is you need to get out more and ride your bike. :)

Click the link and expand your IE window scroll around, I made it nice and big for you.

Yes you still are.

Nice link.... some classmates banner??? Hey guys if this guy is a red rider then on behalf of the others we apologize...... I'm new to TT and this is the funnies thread yet.... I like the japanese guys getting sliced in the harvester... :)

10 ohh ohh, am I no longer a troll?


claudacio, your pics didn't load for me either. I think there's a problem with your website.

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