WR450 dun blowed up... twice

I give up

In no way did I down everyones precious WR, I wish I could have one, I caught a lemon and the dealer cant get another one, and the only other thing I can get through him is a CRF450 or a WR250 or get back a bike that chews up crankcases on the reg., the bike went more miles on the back of a truck going back and forth to a dealership than it was ridden in a month and I live within 15 minutes away from the dealer. As for the work order I took it down, if you really need to see it give me an email address and I'll send you all three pages, if need be I'll send you the second one where the service manager tried to cover his ass, saying the bike never left the dealership after the first incident.

"Cant we all just get along?"

Poster: vmaxcbr900wr426 I've seen a 2-stroke run backwards but NEVER a 4-stroke.

my buds XR75 ran backwards :)

Hey Claudacio, I believe you man. You probably took your bike to Libby's. I'm in New Haven too. I've heard of wierder things happening. I went to TCI and an instructer had a car that would run backwards.

The bike probably backfired and some parts in there arn't meant to turn back wards. Don't feel bad your not alone. My bike is broken too and it sucks not being able to ride after winter.

I have nothing bad to say about libbys other than the mishap with the WR, the owner was on vacation on the second occasion. I went to go talk to him and he didnt even know it happened a second time, before I could even finish telling what happened, he wanted to know "what else he could get me on". I was very surprised, thought I was going to have to fight it to the end. I think it worked out alright, I find out definitely tomorrow.

douch bag :) Enjoy your Honda and invest in a spell/grammar check rookie.

They are good guys there. They have been there for a long time and have grown for a reason. Hope everything works out for you.

you shoulda bought a drz!! the only time i have any problems with mine is when i have to pick it up!!! But hey i got back into bikes to get/stay in shape anyway!!

As far as 2 stokes running backwards ...

the latest thing in the snowmobile world is Electronic reverse. All you do is flick a switch, the electronics slow the motor down to an almost stall and then reverses the rotation so the sled goes backwards. Ski doo and polaris have it.

btw I didn't know you yammie guys could be so funny!! Great thread!!

First with Alabama_Rider now with claudacio. You guys had rather someone slap your mama than post anything negative about the WR450F. Just F***ing un-real. :)

I have no Idea as to where these guys got the engine was running backwards, it turned backwards maybe 1/4 or 1/2 of a revolution, just enough to break things. Like crank cases.

Claud, many times we get trolls posting that a bike blew up that they don't own. They do it only to start trouble. Typically they have a low post total and poor spelling which means they are 13 years old.

Post a picture of your blown up bike and I will be the first to apologize.

I'm amazed that your buddies XR75 ran backwards. Learn something new everyday. :)

I always assumed that a 4-stroke that ran backwards would cause damage similar to what was described at the start of this thread.

I do think this forum can get a little too bent on newbies. So many people assume they are trying to start trouble when they could be valid posts. I'm not saying this guy's story is valid or invalid, just that people should be a little more open minded.

I may be a little late here but does anyone find it odd that he states he "rode it about 11 miles, went to go kick it when it back fired ripped a hole in my leg". "Kick it can only mean use the kick start.

Even us old guys with 426s know the 450 has an electric start! Why kick it when it is warm and you have the famed e start? Does he claim his battery was already dead too?

Second, let us see the hole in your leg. I don't believe that either. I'm just a newbie whos last ride was a Honda, but I think you Yamaha guys can take can honest negative post on the beloved 450, if it is really an honest one.

I smell something too. And by the way, what is the definition of a troll?

The term 'Troll' goes back about 10 years or so to the early days of internet use. Back then there was no www and email was available to only a handful of universities running supercomputers. The primary method of dicussion was something called usenet. This was basically a big list of topic specific discussions much like this forum, but alot more crude in design. Trolls are posts or discussion entries designed to do nothing more than stir up the rest of the users of a specific forum. There is a very minor disctinction between that and a 'flame' which is a more personal attack that usually accomplishes the same goal. In my experience the term is mostly related to the boating sense of 'trolling' as moving along slowly hoping to catch something and not really related at all to the large fellows that live under bridges.

Usenet is alive and well, and its very likely your isp has a news server available to you. For a very nice program to browse usenet check out forte's free agent. There are many motorcycle and off-road motorcycle specific discussions.

Sorry if that's a bit more of an answer than you were looking for.

And so as to not totally hijack this thread again, I'm afraid i'm going to have to see pictures to believe the original poster. The title of the thread was enough to make me suspect he was trolling.



And this guys proof he is for real is a link to a site that doesn't work...didn't convince me.

I looked at the source for his web page. The reason he can see them and we can't is he has the image source pointing to a file on his local machine.

Claudacio, please upload the images to your site and fix the <img src... so that we can see it.



Thanks for the definition of troll. No, that was not more info than I wanted. That's what I like about this forum, there is always lots of information available, even if it is on esoteric issues like engines running backwards! I was particularly impressed by Sputter's info on the "Triamarion Project - a reverse-running 4 stroke engine designed to eliminate some of the dangers of engine backfiring."

Wow Sputter, is that really true about the 12 Japanese farm workers getting caught in the machine running backwards? I guess not all of the dangers were eliminated.

Keep up the good work Yamaha guys!


i run across links that don't work all the time , if you read his earlier post why not just send him a pm and i'm sure he will e-mail you this critical information you require , why continue the flame war . it would appear by the number of posts regarding woodruff keys that more than one member here is having teething pains with their new wr and after spending $6000-$7000 on a new ride i can understand why they would be pissed . if every newbie that comes on to this board is suspected of being a troll and harrased can you blame them for not wanting to return ? who actually answered his original question ?

Now we are talking. Thanks mole1. Well said. Let's get back on track and use the forum for what it is intended for.

Exactly, let's use these forums to determine what is truth or fiction! :) Any nut can get on here and say anything anytime, when the assertion is out of left field, a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted. :D

sorry my ES didnt work right from day 1, every time I would use it the battery would die. I was told that it needed to be broken in a little, but obviously that wasnt the problem.

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