WR450 dun blowed up... twice

The link should work now


I have no photos of the bike blown up or not, I never thought I would have to prove something like this. I'm going to take pictures of everything if I end up with this crf, every time I change the oil I'll have to pick up a roll of film.

why do all you yamaha guys refuse to believe that a WR can blow up? Is this just denial? maybe you should go to a group to learn how to deal with reality.


The link worked for me.

Claudacio - glad you were able to post the pics. This place was starting to turn into DRN.

Man that looks like it would be one healthy bill if this happened 6 months down the road. I can't believe this was a jetting only problem. Anything else suspected wrong to cause this?

That $ucks! I would run, not walk, away from that bike. If your dealer is willing to give you a CRF, I'd jump on it as fast as I could and never look back.

I like my WR426 a lot but when the CRFX models come out, I'm seriously going to look at them.

I apologize, I was wrong. :)

on the first occasion I'm willing to say it was the woodruff key, but on the second occasion I'm willing to bet it was mechanic error or maybe they torqued the rotor nut to the original specs and not the updated, I did receive the updated torque specs page with my sevice manuel seperately, so I thought the dealer would have checked that. Maybe not. but I have yet to get a real answer as to why.

Apology from me for sure! Please keep in mind its not what you say but how you say it. :)

Oh and billywhiz no denile here mate. My bike chucked a key......so been there towed it! Now go back to the yellow side.

Now I have a real problem, the dealer explained to me he wants to buy the WR from me as used and get yamaha to kick in some cash to compensate for the depreciation, even though my boots havent even worn the paint off the frame, its a little dirty but nothing major. Now the CRF has been eliminated because as soon as the regional sales rep heard honda he said forget about it. Now these are my options,

1. Take back the WR thats been fixed for the second time, and roll the dice with it, and not ride to far from the truck for a while.

2. A stock WR250 or yz 250f 03' (he has in stock)

3. He can try to get a yz 250r

4. Or I can call a lawyer and end up being bikeless for most of the season or all of the season.

I dont think he going to be able to get another 450 for a while.

What do you guys think?

Ct. lemon law Cladio. If the dealer can't fix the problem after four tries the bike is theirs and you get a complete refund. But, you should get a lawyer to write them a letter anyways for the trouble you've been through, your also out of a bike and they still have your good money. P.M. me if you want the name of a kick ass lawyer, he's a real pit bull. :)

Forget fixing that 450 and have the dealer find you a ’03 YZ250F.

My .02.

Yup. Lemon Law. It probably still has the rubber nipples on the tires and has blown two engines. I would demand a refund or else you are going to the state Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, and whoever else will listen. If they still don't cough up, call the the state AG and ask what you can do.

If '03 WRs are so hard to get, tell them you'll take an '04. BUT, they have to provide you with a comprable bike to ride untill your new one arrives. Maybe the fixed bike,if thats possible, could be used for the next few months.

I have a feeling Yamaha would like to put the 2003 model year WRs behind them. I think they'll ramp-up production of 2004 models ASAFP. Like June or July.

Stay positive with the dealer and Yamaha. Be assertive, but do it in a friendly manner. Dealers and Reps are more willing to help a "Good Guy" than a "Pain in the @ss".

Good luck.


You are having one bad string of luck. It's no wonder some of us had trouble believing at first. I'm sorry too. None of us have ever seen or heard about such a lemon. Fortunately they seem to be uncommon.

About your options, I think the dealer needs to step up to the plate be fair with you. I'm sure he did not sell you the bike at his cost, so he should at least be kicking back his profit in some manner to make you happy. I wouldn't want the repaired 450 unless they give you an extended warranty in writing and some cash back. I'm still not sure I would want it at that? Depending on your ability and what you want one of the 250s might be an option, but again, you should be getting some cash back for all your trouble and a heck of a bargain. The dealer should feel lucky to break even on this whole deal. Yamaha needs to pitch in on the deal too and the dealer needs to make them. I'm sure the regional Yamaha guy could send a new 450 to that dealer if he were properly motivated.

That's my $.02.

Good luck.

I think I would try to get a replacement WR450 from them if possible. Why own a bike that you can't ride? Your present bike seems cursed.

If that dosn't work I would then try the lawyer but I think you won't be riding for a while. I would also call Yamahas customer service line and send a registered letter to Yamaha concerning your problem. If you don't lose your temper you may get results.

I think the problem with these bikes is a combination of lean jetting causing backfires, heavy flywheel, loose flywheel nuts and a taper not strong enough to keep the flywheel from spinning on the crank. A buddy's bike had a loose flywheel nut.

Getting a new bike should be a great experience, yours has been anything but. Keep us informed.

I'd just stay away from the WR450 completely. Until Yamaha fixes the problems, why bother? In theory, these should be a fantastic bike but the problems right now are inexcusable.

I'd look at one of the other bikes he can supply you with or go the lawyer route and get your money back. After buying the WR426, I wish I had purchased the WR250 instead.

Just my opinion.

"these should be a fantastic bike but the problems right now are inexcusable."

I agree. The Big Four have never built a fourstroke dirt-bike with such reliability issues. It is crucial for Yamaha to step up to the plate and make this right.

My father and I went half and financed this bike. And a week before that he bought my little brother who is 8 an 03 xr80 cash. I'm 24 by the way, I dont want you guys to think I'm 13 starting trouble again.

The dealer has been pretty good with us, but I think he's trying to cover his own ass with the regional rep, because they fu$%ed up when they reassembled the engine the first time.

when I first got the bike I knew nothing about the jetting being all leaned out, I didnt know about tt and really couldnt find out much about the bikes except that they were awesome as a 400 and 426, and were supposed to be even better as a 450. The 2nd day I had the bike, I called the service dept at the dealer because the bike would just completely die at low r's, it ran alright wide open but not even close to decent running 250. They told me to ride it for a couple days, so I rode it and it blew up. They fixed and supposedly "tuned" it, got it back and rode it for like 10 minutes and knew it still wasnt right. Called them back, same thing ride it for a couple days. Ok, next day rode for less than 5 minutes, I was standing up clutching it barely moving and it started to stall I gave it some gas, backfired and shot the kicker forward, snapped and fell out off, with a split right across the hole where the kicker shaft went.

If I go the legal way, my brother or myself wont be doing any real riding anytime soon.

I'll let you guys know what happens tomorrow.

Thanks for the support.

claudacio- in the future, I would try to avoid a first model year machine. It seems that every first model year has its share of problems. Sorry to hear about your bad string of luck, hopefully you can work something out with your dealer. Good luck!

Man that sucks. Two exploded engines, bad advice from customer service, and terrible service from your dealer who sounds like he wants to rip you off buying the bike back used. It's situations like this that make or break reputations for dealers and companies and it sounds like your getting the short end of the stick big time. I'm sure they know about the problems these bikes have been having and they should be falling over backwards to take care of you. If you can't make a deal with them that your satisfied with I would politely demand a full refund. I would stay away from the '03 WR450s and if there is no major change to things stay away from 2004 as well. If you can't make a deal or they refuse the refund I'd take it to the next level and see a lawyer because it sounds like they are trying to hose you.

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