WR450 dun blowed up... twice

My WR450 has run pretty flawless so far. I have about 100 miles on it with 50 of that being a two hour hare scramble where I got 2nd in the A class (expert). Point is I rode the bike hard and fast. It is bike #1309 and I haven't touched the flywheel nut. The electric start gets used most of the time. Aside from a couple of hic ups in throttle response on the trail, I have no complaints. You really got an odd situation. Don't compromise on the bike you want. Dealers can buy bikes from other dealers. That's how I got mine. I would try to get your dealer to get you a different WR450 from another dealer. He can fix and then sell the other bike as practically new and probably still come out making money for himself.

I've had mine for a month and a half and I can't count the hours I have on it. I've got so many hours on it it's probably ready for a top end, well maybe not that many but close. I've done a 2 hour desert race, over 100 hours of trail riding, and two trips around the last half of the San-Felipe-250 race course and it runs perfect. Not a problem yet (knocking on wood).

I don't believe in the first year release rule. I raced a 98 YZF400 right up until I bought my new WR450. Of course I have an excellent mechanic (Ben at Bens Cycle Works in Mesa Az) that pretty much takes care of any quirks right on the spot.

Sorry to hear about your problems, I'd request a new bike totally.

Claudacio,I would try to get all my money back,if the dealer cannot find a replacement.It seems to me Yamaha & the dealer should bend over backwards to put you back on a brand new replacement WR 450.The dealer shares responsibilty along w/ Yamaha.If not I'm sure you could find a brand new 450/525 EXC albeit a little more $$$$

Good Luck

I'd try calling Yamaha Corporate Headquarters and start making some noise.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA

6555 Katella Avenue

Cypress, CA 90630 Customer Relations

(800) 962-7926

Let them know the situation and tell them what is acceptable to make the situation right for you.

the dealer explained to me he wants to buy the WR from me as used

I'd call BS on that! If the dealer can't get you a new WR450, he needs to give you 100% of your money back so that you can go elsewhere to get a bike.

Hey Drew nice set!! But one escaped :)

This situation is getting more and more complicated every day. I finally got a formal explanation as to why all this happened and it was the woodruff key. I guess it happened like I said, it initially had the problem with the woodruff key and then they torqued the rotor nut to the wrong specs and it happened again.

So now the story is the factory doesnt want to know nothing and its all in the dealers hands. I think the bike is probably worth taking and this wouldnt happen again, but I really dont have to much confidence in this peticular bike. So the dealer has someone thats interested on this bike problems and all. So we are probably trade up for a crf with no money out of pocket and try to squeeze some hand guards, skid plates etc...

Anyway thanks again for all your advice.

Get him to give you the deal in writing so you know exactly what you are getting.

Unbelievable.....What a friggin' nightmare. Find a way to get the CRF and don't look back.

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