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FlatTrack ~Yamaha SRX6 custom

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I have attached some pics of my race SRX. I am considering selling and want to see what kind of response I could expect if I post it on fleabay or others.

The bike is set up right now very simply as a road race bike even though the only other one of it's kind is being raced on flat tracks of Texas. I have an extra CDI box, and extra cylinder and some miscellanies engine parts. The engine is new, and is tricked out with all the best stuff. In the top end, big piston (98mm), titanium valve caps and keepers and a big cam...everything is new. The base of the cylinder has been strengthened using a solid aluminum plate and top end bolts run all the way from the top to the base of the cylinder. The bike will come with rollers for starting as there is no way it will start with a push.

The head has been heavily re-worked and the intakes repositioned into the downdraft position utilizing the FZ 1000 CV carbs. On the bottom end there is a light weight Falicon rod and crank balanced by Falicon. Oil galley's have been relieved where possible. The bike has run once but never ridden. It started after it had sat for awhile and was strong. We know it runs and is very responsive the way it's set up. Not shown in the pictures is a lightweight custom Rotax exhaust which comes up on the right below and past the footpeg.

The custom frame is based on a mid 90's TZ 250 and built by Ray Baker in WA. Made with chrome moly tubing the frame and overbuilt swing arm are very nice and together weigh a mere 27 pounds. Other parts include a TZ 250 rear wheel, New 1997 TZ bodywork, NSR 400 aluminum custom molded gas tank, and ZX7 front end, Ohlins steering dampener, English electronic tach, very nice.

I have found some of the receipts on parts and labor including the Falicon work etc.

Pics below and I have others.

Thanks, Russ Rmeags@aol.com

Let me know what you guys think...




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It looks very trick. Do you have an actual weight for it? Very nice work!!


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Hey Swiss, got your email and I will shoot you some more info soon as I can.

The bike has never been weighed or been on a dyno; but the bike should be around 260 or so; the hp we are estimating is 70+ but that may be a conservative number.



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