WR 400 1999

Hello I own 02 wr250 thinking of bying a used 99 wr 400 need more horses............... and a green sticker /dual sport 02 is red does anyonw know the weight of wr400 1999? does it have a grey wire also ?and any other differences of thses 2 bikes

~ 270#

blue wire, gray wire >> yes

carb is a step backward from your 250. The 2000 had the major carb upgrade (new design).

I can't speak on any similarities, but I haven't cut any wires and I'm beyond happy with this bike, it rules stock to me and the only adjustment I want is a suspension job at race tech. Obviously I pulled the exhaust cork and airbox lid.

It's guaranteed green sticker and can be plated with ease, even at your local Kaliforina DMV.

:):D :D

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