WR450 with no sales tax?

I broke down and bought a WR last Weds.. The sales tax on it was somewhere around 500-570. I don't remember exactly. Anyway, I'd wanted to dual sport the thing(I love exploring)so I'd gotten them to throw in a Dakar kit at cost, plus knock 300 off the price. My mother in law runs a tag office (DMV) and I'd asked her why I had to pay sales tax and excise tax. Apparently I don't. I told the dealer I planned to have it tagged, and since I bought the dual sport kit from them at the same time I bought the bike, they didn't charge me sales tax. They did require me to send a copy of my title within 60 days or they would have to show who they didn't collect tax from.

It would've cost 7200 with the bike, sales tax and dual sport kit. I walked out of there at 6800 with the bike and the kit, and the tag and title will run me just under 250. Only 150 bucks, but hey, at that price not paying tax twice made me feel real good.


Could have drove to Oregon, no sales tax here :)

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