Why is my 96 XR600 so hard to start when its cold,I just purchased the bike its very clean and appears to be very

well maintained,I did not receive a manual with the bike.

I must be doing something wrong choke ect,this is the first

big bore four cycle I have owned,the last twenty years have

been all two cycle,when it's warm of course it no problem to start,and rides great!!!!!! any help would be appreciated



Hi. Yes the big 4-strokes can be quite hard to start if you don't have the routine down. It does take some practice. First, make sure the carb and air filter are clean. Jetting is also important for starting, especially the pilot jet size, however this is hard to say for your bike, since I don't know what kind of exhaust system you are running, stock or aftermarket.

Basically though, to start a big thumper when cold: Full choke, and while holding the compression lever in, and the kill button down, kick it through a few times to suck some fuel in the chamber. Then; let go of the compression lever, and slowly push through the kickstarter until compression is noted (kick lever will stop against the compression). Now, while still holding pressure against the kick lever, pull in the compression lever, and let the kick lever fall about halfway down the stroke, then stop, and let off the compression lever. Now LET off the kick starter and let it return to starting position, full up. At this point, give it a good, strong, and full kick, but NOT a jab like you do with a 2-stroke. The kick should be a full throw of the leg, do not stab at it. A smooth, steady and strong motion is best. The bike should start, immediately get off the choke and give it some gas, until it's warmed up (about 2 min.). . hope this helps. I know it's a process, but once you get it down,, you got it..

SmashinZ is right on, but my bike starts best with a little change. With full choke, crack the throttle 1/4 turn and kick through 15-20 times with the decomp lever pulled. Then, continue with SmashinZ's method. Using this method my bike is a one kick cold starter.

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