Front Fork Rebuild Question!! For those who have done it!!

This is a question for those who have taken the time to actually do a seal replacement and fluid replacement in their front forks.

Someone explain to me this whole .5-1mm thing on the lower adjuster nut and lock nut? It says to hand tighten the lower adjuster and then make sure your gap is .5-1mm then to tighten to so many foot pounds. I assume this is like this for some sort of spacing for the adjuster off the tube. But it says to tighten hand tight first.

So am I supposed to tighten the lower adjuster hand tight and then bring the lock nut up to it? If so then what is the purpose of the .5-1mm measurement.

Check out the picture


It is written this way so that you know the Adjuster nut is fully threaded on it's whole lenght, and you are then left with a small gap between it and the lock nut.

You know that the Adjuster nut has not been stopped from threading on by the lock nut being too far down near the end of the rod.

Then when you do the both up to specified torque the gap is gone as the lock nut comes back down to the Adjuster nut.

The size of gap does'nt matter, it's just to ensure the lock nut has'nt stopped the Adjuster nut from being threaded fully on the rod before you tighten them both against each other.

Exactly. The adjuster needs to bottom solidly against the damper rod. Then the lock nut is run up and tightened. Remember, that's how it was when you took it apart.

thanks guys. So its just over explained for people without common sense.

Looks like I did it correctly

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