Frame oil screen bolt stripped

First oil change on WR450 all went well but the oil screen stripped out. The manual said to tighten to 65/ft lb. Went to about 55/ft lb for several turn then backed out to see broken and twisted threads. New craftmans wrench could this be my problem?

Oil lubed the thread and made the torque wrench inaccurate.

I disagree - the correct way to torque this is clean and lubricated, it is the only way to get a reliable reading.

I would suspect the wrench setting or the torque value in the manual, (the WR's have a history of torque confusion don't they).

Was just a guess :)

But what you say makes sense now I think about it. There is always going to be oil present on the threads.

65 ft lbs sounds very high! Check the manual and make sure you read it right. The fly wheel rotor is only 47 ft. lbs. I change the oil a lot and go by feel. I do not use that much torgue.

According to my 02 WR250F manual, 65 ft/lbs (90 Nm) is correct for the oil strainer. I accidental tested mine higher; saw 90 Nm and set the torque wrench to 90 ft/lbs and started cranking only stopping when the copper washer was massively deforming. No damage done, but I do think that 65 ft/lbs is high for something that will be held in position by the hose and two hose clamps. There's no way it can back out even at a lower torque value.

What was the range on the Craftsman torque wrench? You lose accuracy when you're at the very bottom or very top of the scale. They read most accurately in the middle of the scale. BTW, that's not a slam at Craftsman, I just used one to reassemble my cam tower.

My craftman wrench goes from 0-75 ft/lbs. I have a bad habit of over torquing.(stripping) So on this bike I torque to spec and this happens :):D

65lbs wow no way, i did mine by feel. the same as the oil drain bolt. Sometimes you have to use common sense when doing these things. If strainer is too loose then it leaks a little oil. There's no way it can fall out.

The manual is MISPRINTED, I did the exact same thing, 65ft.lbs. and stripped the strainer bolt. Chase the frame threads with a tap the same as the strainer (I think it's a 14 x 1.25 ) and buy a new strainer bolt and hand tighten. Don't look in there ever again, filter will catch any debris.

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I just stripped out my filter screen bolt too.


Hopefully the frame's OK on my 03 WR!

it is probably supposed to be 65 inch pounds....

Yeah i would think inch pounds.

yeah, 65 is way high

just did one on a 426, honestly I'd never do this again unless you suspect a major failure. it had never been done on this bike just was getting oil changes and filter changes. that screen only catches big stuff and if there's anything in it IF your bike is still running it would probably sound like you're shaking a box of rocks because there's something getting really torn up.

my point being is that there's not much thread there and it's sort of hard to get at, recipe for disaster and since the bits it strains would be so big you'd either of noticed a major failure or you'd see tons of smaller crap in the fine filter.

For me it was just to get as much "chocolate milk" oil out of my bike following in water pump seal failure. I've got a friend coming over with a tap kit to try to sort out the threads in the frame, hopefully they're OK! What was odd was that it was kinda tight coming out too so I'm wondering if the original owner had also cross threaded it but left it in there.

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