Yet another woodruff key bites it!

Just wanted to get in on the woodruff key controversy. Was out riding today just after I re-jetted (160MJ,48PJ, DUQ needle ran fantastic!!!) 2 miles from the nearest road, stopped for 5 minutes and on re-start (happy button) she backfires and broke the woodruff key with 186.7 miles. Needless to say the bike would not re-start....pushed that heavy b*@#? 1.5 miles some of it was in sand (downhill), in full gear!!! Will take it to the dealer tomorrow. With all the posts on this topic I'm very concerned over the reliability of this bike. If this had happened miles out on the trails the bike might still be sitting out in the hills(lucky I was close by). Hope Yamaha gets it fixed right as I sure like this bike alot!!!

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