Dealer gives back!!!

Just wanted to tell all what a great experience I had today! The gentleman who owns powerhouse motorsports in Paso Robles CA. Bought 160 acres of land and built a track on it, the track is a mile long, very wide outdoor style motocross. He transports about 20 or so brand new 03 Yamahas and KTMs, fourstrokes and twostrokes, to the track and invites anyone and everyone to come out and demo any bike they please!!! They give you a card with all the bikes listed and punch the card for each bike you ride. You get two laps for each bike you wish to try. If you get tired of riding the demo bikes then you can ride your own! Many people didnt want to demo a new bike and just came to ride.

If you got hungry, they had a BBQ! Cant find junior? He's probably over on the kids track trying out a KTM 50 or maybe a ttr90. At the end of the day they had a raffle and gave away bike ramps, tie down straps, graphics kits, tires, hats, t shirts all this for free!! the only requirment is that you have fun!

And fun was had by all!!

WOW !!! now only if they would open a shop on the east coast say um ... new jersey would work !! :)

You have to like a dealer like that.

My dealer had an MX track on his property, the town made him shut it down. We were having to much fun. The town didn't like that.

Beezer, I here what your saying. The future of this track is totally up in the air. There is certainly a battle ahead! We were encouraged to attend some county government meetings and show our support for the offroad community.

There is one neighbor that is not to happy with the idea of a bunch of outlaws making noise next door. I dont know how far away his house is or how loud the noise is at his place. To be honest with you, I dont blame the neighbors for being upset, however when our places to ride are being shut down right and left it only makes sense that private individuals will start allowing the general public to ride on their tracks.

I guess I should add there was a CA. Highway Patrol helicopter that paid a visit and hovered for about ten minutes, checking things out. Hopefully at the very least the turnout will show our elected officials that there is a need for organized tracks.

I'm guessing there was 250 vehichles maybe 700 people? all with word of mouth advertising. Obviously the dealer will reap some benefits and win some customers. Not all dealers are able to do this, but Powerhouse is able to and does. Even though his shop is 2 hours away I will try and give him some buisiness.

Hey Guys,

Was that a hoot or what?!! Tim and Frank and the whole gang at Powerhouse were awesome. I had so much fun chasing my kid around on my Wr450, we stayed all day!! Got to ride some KTM's to compare....still like my 450 best!! Let the mechanic that fixed my woodruff key ride my bike too. Thanks again guys for a great day of family fun. Hope the track will be open soon!!

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