respringing my WR

hey i have a 2007 WR450F and i badly need to respring my suspension. i was just wondering what you guys thought were some good cost effective brands for me to look at. i was also wondering how stiff i should buy them (i weigh 215 pounds and am 6' 2") thanks guys.

IF you can find out if the WR uses the same springs as the YZ, a set of stock 07 YZ450F Springs should be the correct stiffness for you. I weight 225, and went 1 step heavier on the springs on my 07 YZ. This would be the least expensive way to go.

Went to the Race Tech web page and found the rear spring is the same part number (WR and YZ), but the fronts are different. Race Tech recommends a 5.8 rear spring (5.3 is stock) and .48 front springs( .46 is stock).

Saw some WR front springs (.48) in the Thumper Talk classifieds. If you go to stiffer springs, you may need a revalve to get enough rebound dampening for the stiffer springs. WD:thumbsup:

What forks are on the 07 WR450? Are they still open chambers or TC? AOS or SSS? I have stiffer springs for 05 AOS suspension. I'm not sure if they would fit. I know the forks springs are unique to that year. The rear spring might work though...?

k thanks guys that helped a lot

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