clutch not disengaging

2007 WR450 F :worthy:

I was changing my old clutch cable for a new one as quite a few threads on the cable were broken and the drag was getting pretty bad (bike was functioning with no problems before removing cable). After I routed the new clutch cable and pulled in the clutch lever - much to my delite it was feather feather light that the clutch lever didnt spring back all the way.

I checked that the clutch push lever was being pulled by the cable - yes it was......about a 90 deg range.

I put the bike on an engine stand with clutch lever pulled in and attempted to spin the rear wheel in gear - it turned over the engine - this was quite difficult. clutch not disengaging

I disconnected the new clutch cable from the clutch push lever - it is extremly easy to push the clutch push lever with a little pinky finger through its full range. Doesnt seem like any force from the lever is acting on the push rod through to clutch pressure plate.

I started the bike in neutral and popped it into gear and let the bike run for about 5 minutes pushing in the clutch push lever many many times...hoping that something would free up. Clutch still not disengaging

Question: Can the clutch push lever and push rod somehow pop out of its locator? or misalign?

I cant imagine that something has broken internally between the end of my last ride and the shed.

Can the push rod ball bearing dislodge with no tension on the clutch push lever?

I havent pulled the clutch cover yet.

thanks in advance.

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