Let me start by saying WOW! I picked up my new WR450 on 2/3/03 but due to snow storm after snow storm I was only able to put a few street miles on her untill today. My 9 year old son and I loaded up the bikes today (Sun.)for the real 1st ride of the year :).

We decided on a place that had an open area w/hills & some small jumps as well as power lines and trails.I wanted to be close to van in case I had to push bike back if you know what I mean. We rode around in the open for the first hour of break-in takeing it easy, then some trails for another half hour. I have to say at that point I wasn't too impressed with the new WR's perfomance.

We went back to the van,threw the bike on the stand and got out the tools. I yanked the snorkle, I pulled the baffle and changed the main jet from the stock 150 to a 160. I would of changed the pilot jet but I didn't (1) know where it was and (2) I didnt have one.

I fired her up and off we went. It was much more responsive and had more torque.It was a blast to ride everywhere.I was still not pushing her hard for I am still in the break-in process.I was amazed at how easy the front wheel lifts at the slightest twist of the throttle, something I'm not used to expecting from a thumper. I imagine that once I get ALL the jetting done and have first service perfomed, this will be a bike I will NOT get tired of. Hope all of you are enjoying this WR as much as me!

03 WR450- grey wire mod., snorkel and baffle pulled, 160 main jet, works connection frame guards,GYT-R carbon fiber front and rear disc guards, e-line carbon fiber skid plate, pro taper bars.

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