Where's Taffy ?

I haven't seen anything from him in a while. Just kinda curious.


I talked with him a couple weeks ago and hes got a Berg now so hes browsing the exotic forum now and again.

(not that theres anything to browse over there) LOL :)

Too bad... :)

Yeah, I miss seeing those Taffy posts.

JD's were good too.

hey i'm still here!

prepared to upset anyone at a moments notice :)

i always said it the way it was lads but at least you miss me, like the smell of a dog turd hey!

i've just fitted a keihin to the husey even though they come with a dell orto. i'm now learning to shim my own suspension thanks to one mr 'ktm-lew' on our very own TT sussie section.

i intend narrowing the front of one very wide husey by going to extremely high and long v narrow radiators. but i can't afford these expensive clutches that have no cable etc. 1000 bucks-p/ex no way; that does not fit the Lloyd school of racing. no sir.

the old rules still apply-labour is free and don't pay for anything until all free and cheap routes have been thoroughly exhausted.

came over to the states and texas/houston in december/january and now know why you guys are phuqing nuts :D



Welcome back Taffy, it’s good to see you still check up on us! :)

taffy are you riding at tunstal sunday

i shall be riding my wr 400 no 117 if so i still need to bye you a coffe say hi as you pass



Hey Taffy,

Did you get with any of the Texas TT members? I hope you had a really good time! You definitely picked a fun-loving state to visit. Got any good stories to share? You know: bikes, bulls, bars, etc.? Texas had to be a bit of a culture shock! It is even for Americans from other states! (and I like it!) :)

sorry i didn't get back about tunstall. no i didn't race because i was in IRELAND for the game. what a pissy weekend. spent all day saturday in the guinness brewery. i'd been up since 3.30am and went home with my mate to have a snooze at 5.30pm. we woke up at 4am. sugar! so if anyone asks me "what is dublin like on a saturday night" i'm avoiding the question!

i've been detoxing all day and talking to myself (what's new then!) the irish are simply the nicest people on the face of the earth.

no wonder they're so popular wherever they go.

i'm doing two days racing at easter down near high wycombe but this weekend i have a big rugby match that i'll watch lewkel booouys.

texas? well i was only there for about 5 days and loved it and the weather. i'm fair skinned so it was suncream and shades for me. everyone is very load, they're overweight and eat far too much. i found everyone to be extremely friendly and made some friends that took me around the shops and bars.

i look forward to going back again. the girl i met has invited my friends and i down to new orleans next year. if i can get the money together i'll go.


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