NE1 using the factory hand/lever guards?

I put bark busters or hand guards or lever guards on all of my bikes. I will do the same for my new WR.

I noticed the factory has them but they are pricey compared to the after market. I don't mind spending the extra money if someone else has or is using them and can verify that they fit great and work great etc....


Thank you. I had searched and read some good things about those but just wanted to see if anyone was using the factory guards before I ordered these.

The Cyrcra u clamps allow you to roll your levers down for a better stand up rider position and keep your guards level. I have fallen over a bunch lately and they have held up well.

Cycra for sure. I went with the triple clamp mounts (they seemed to be stronger to me), but now wish I had gone with the u-clamps instead.

No real problems except that my levers are slightly restricted for adjustment and if I get a taller bar bend they may not bolt up easily.

Durability these are the greatest accessory I have ever bought. Several crashes and encounters with tree limbs and barely even scratched, and most important no broken fingers or levers.:worthy:

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