hate you.yea i remember the days of no kids or schedules or cell phones and and my bro ripping until it was dark or we were out of gas...

hope you get a flat.or your chain comes off and you have no masterlink.or you drove 2 hours and forgot your helmet.

Have fun dude.. wish i could be there too.


98yz 400

Just to let you know, I am leaving tomorrow for 5 days in the Sawtooth Basin by Stanley, Id to ride the gnarliest trails and drink the coldest beers around with 40 of my best buddies. Roasted pig one night, chili feed the next and Black Angus New York steaks on Saturday night.



[ September 17, 2002, 01:40 PM: Message edited by: FTD ]


I bow because I have been bested...(bow)


FTD....Check your PM's!

Just had to do this, For those of you who have to work tomorrow...........(rasberry). I (finally) will be taking an entire day off to ride rampart!! My brother and I shluld be dropping the bikes of the trailer at about 8:30am. At that time we will both disappear in a cloud of dust for the remainder of the day.

Anyone who doesn't have to work may see us giggling foolishly as we bomb down the trails without the worry of: Making sure the kids havent crashed, keepin' it slow so the wife can keep up, not breaking in newbies, finding easy trails so everyone can ride, watching the time so we can get back to camp and take the kids for a ride etc......



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