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Whilst servicing my bike a while back I noticed a stripped bolt under the seat where the sub frame meets the frame and attached one to the other. Not having the patience to deal with it then I only attacked it about 2 months later. I drilled into the broken shaft only to discover that there was no broken bolt there is only one long bolt that runs from the left through the entire frame section and then screws into the right side of the sub frame.

I ruined my bolt and probably messed up the thread. I may need a new sub frame unless I can finagle some sort of solution.


Dont do it!!!

The Missile




now bend over

how does it go "thank you sir may i please have another".

name that film!


Full Metal Jacket


Animal House

under classmen pledges

How about putting a longer bolt through the subframe with a nut (not the guy from Jersey) on the end.

David Mamets directorial debut and a great movie,

"House Of Games"


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There is currently a stock subframe on Ebay.

Check under YZ.

Sorry no good with URL's


It is ALWAYS advisable to FIRST consult the diagrams in the manual or online fiche before drilling or cuting anything, so that you know what your dealing with.

If you haven't drilled through the frame you can always as previously noted replace the bolt with little longer one and then cut off the excess if there's room.

Good Luck Dude....

Bonzai :)

Well, a 60 cent bolt took care of my problem and I didn't screw up the thread. Oh yeah!! :)

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