yz426 manual

First of id like to say iv been reading tons on here and the info has helped me understand my rig greatly. Im a total newb to bikes and to make it more interesting my motor is in a 400ex frame and it needs some jetting help for sure.She came from a much higher altitude than where i am so its running a bit lean.

I know somebody had the factory manual in pdf on here somewhere. I only downloaded chapters 1-3 and now i kinda need the rest of it:bonk: The old link in the post doesnt work anymore....I mainly need to learn how to take the carb apart for a rejet so the manual would be greatly appreciated. Im still trying to figure out how much has been modded on this rig(traded a car for a quad :worthy: ) The previous guy knew most of it but didnt know much about the motor so now i gotta figure this beast out(he traded a boat for the quad ha).

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