Why is there no general forums on TT??

I have been an avid fan of another dirt bike bulletin board site until I started participating on TT. I gotta admit, this site rocks, except for the fact that there is no general type forums. I find myself coming here and looking only in one forum (because that's the type of bike I have). However, I am sure there is a lot of good general purpose posting going on in the other forums that I never read due to the fact that I don't ride an XR or a DRZ, etc.

Am I alone, or would other TT'ers like seeing general type forums??


Problem with a general forum is there is so much crap discussed which is of no interest to me I get bored. I guess if the subject headings where more descriptive then it would be OK but gook luck on enforcing that ...

Personally I prefer to follow the specific threads on the WR's as they have their own unique charateristics.

BTW: My WR450 arrived a few days ago, have done just over 100 miles, broken the headlight, bent the brake lever and absolutely loving it !!!!

It actually came with a shorter throttle stop screw as part of the ADR (road legal) compliance. Standard it had the longer one in, but there was an attached bulletin complete with short screw to be used for racing only :)

Jim Bo. If you do a TT search againts "All Forums" you'd be surprised what you might find. Pick a subject, any subject. For instance "government", or "taxes" even "wife" (not mutual catagories :) ) and see what you get. There's lots of philosophy floating around TT cyberspace.

I agree with Kiwi! I've been to that other site and most of it is crap.I only care about things relating to the WR450 and if I want a question answered about wheelies,jumping or positioning on bike over specific terrain, I have the utmost confidence in the group on THIS site to give me great advice. :)

You know what?? I don't think I disagree with you guys. I really like TT.


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