Is there a rebuild kit for a 2007 WR450 Starter?

I have an 07 WR450. For the last year or so the starter will barely turn the motor over. Thought it was the battery initially so I bought a new one. Still the same thing - so I thought maybe I had gotten a bad new battery. Bought another one - same thing. The terminals get very hot when I try and turn it over. Cleaned them and made sure the were very tight. Obviously something is drawing an awful lot of current.

Kicks start just fine. Has anyone had similar issues? I am pretty confident it must be a bad starter. Is there some kind of starter rebuild kit I could buy? A new OEM starter on ebay is close to 400.00. I'm pretty good at electronics so I'm sure I could handle a rebuild if some kind of kit were available.

Still love the bike - but sure would be nice to hit the button when your stuck half way up a hill.

I've got the same problem. Stripped the motor and found broken wire on brush. Bought new brushes from Yamaha, rebuilt and starter just groaned! Now found armater has blown, and it's a rewind, qiute expensive. The brush wire just acted as a fuse and also think current draw ruined battery.

Hope you have better luck than me, annoyed at £295 cost from Yamaha on a 2007 bike!

If you decide to disassemble the starter make sure and mark the orientation of the housing pieces. The position of the magnets is important. If you rotate the main body you will decrease the output of the starter or in some cases actually cause it to run backwards.

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