what do stock bars measure

I am looking to get some new bars but I would like to get some that are about 1 inch taller. It seems like I have to be to far bent over and if I let off the loud grip I almost go over the bars. Does any one know what they measure or how to measure them????????

Secondly, What bars should I get???? I do only Trail riding in the mountains of Colorado. Will I have to get a new triple clamp????

You can find the measurments of bars listed by companies such as Renthal, Pro-Taper, TAG, etc, etc. Go to their web sites and search.

I used to run Renthal Jimmy Button (highs) and now have swithced to Pro-Taper Hawkins (highs). I haven't got much seat time with the new bars and triple clamp (scotts) but, so far they feel great.

You'll only need to change the clamp if want to run the "fat" bars without an adapter. Then you'll have to buy the TC.


Like Bill said, you can find measurements on the web sites. I'm not sure what stock bars measure, but if you're looking for new bars, Pro Tapers are a good choice. If you get Pro Tapers, you'll have to get universal fat bar mounts that will raise your bars another 3/4". The drawback to that is if you plan on getting a steering damper, you can't use the universal mounts and you will have to get a top clamp with fat bar perches. A set of Pro Taper high bars and the universal mounts should raise your bars by at least an inch.

Where do you do most of your riding?


Renthal Bar Spec.s

Stock YZF bar is 803 wide, 92 tall, 56 rise, and 57 of sweep. All in mm.s


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