What brake pads do you guys use?

Specifically for the XR400?

My riding consists of woods, bayous and soon a little street and/or fire/dirt roads.

OEM works for me.

Stockers for sure. And remember to bleed them a couple of times a year.

Im using EBC but the stock honda pads are better.

I am using EBC oem replacement pads. They are supposed to be a similar compound to the stock pads. They are actually wearing really well.

Long time user of EBC.

I have used everything from stock honda parts to ferodos and absolute no-name-brand cheapos and quite frankly none seem any better or worse than the others (although some are significantly more expensive).

More importantly you need to determine whether to use organic (?) or scintered.

The standard pads are the organic (??? I stand to be corrected here) type and are RED. These are soft, offer good braking, are inexpensive and offer minimum wear on the disk. They also will not even make it through ONE ride if the trail is wet and muddy, and this will bump up your cost of riding somewhat (since you will be replacing them every ride or so). It also sucks to do half a ride with no brakes and the knowlege that every time you hit the brakes (reflex action) you are running metal to metal and probably scouring your disks something horrible.

The scintered type are the gold pads. These are more expensive, put more wear on your disk and brake OK, but they last a long time.

For 90% road I'd go red pads but anything else I'd reccomend scintered.

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