Ride Report - 2 Rides on New (to me) '07

All I can say is WOW what a difference between this bike and my '03. My '03 isn't even in the same league as this bike in just about every way. I know this is not news to anyone who has an '06 or newer YZF, but I just had to share my first impressions.

Four things really stand out to me comparing this bike to my '03.

1. By far the most impressive thing is the weight, or lack of it. Not that the '07 is that much lighter than the '03 in actual weight, but if feels about 20 pounds lighter. When I rode them back to back, the '03 felt like it had lead in the gas tank. It felt sooo much more top and front heavy than the '07. The '07 feels so much lighter and easier to lean and turn. This lightness makes the '07 far more agile as it can go from side to side or horsed arround so much quicker and easier. To use the cliche' it's a lot more "flickable" than the old bike.

2. The suspension on the '07 is light years ahead of the '03. To me the action seem much more progressive. Much smoother and less likely to bottom. It wouldn't dive through the stroke and bottom like my '03 did. The initial stroke was still plush, but it did a much better job absorbing bigger hits without bottoming.

3. The power is butter smooth compared to the '03, even with an 8 oz flywheel and a Rekluse clutch on my '03. The '07 has plenty of power, but it is deceptively fast. There's no big hit anywhere, but it gets you moving in a hurry. Very nice.

4. I really, really like the Rekluse clutch. I had one on my '03 and as soon as I can save the coin, I'll be putting one on my '07. Not that there is anything wrong with the stock clutch, but after using a Rekluse for 3 years, there's no going back. The trail we rode today was pretty rocky and gnarly in several places. I was able to make it alright with the manual clutch, but it was often a battle to get the bike through without stalling. With the Rekluse the motor doesn't stop until you push the kill switch.

About the only thing bad I can say is I think wrenching on this bike will be a PITA compared to the steel frame bikes. I know I'll get used to it, but no matter how you slice it, there's just not as much access to work on it. Oh well, small price to pay for such a vastly better bike.

Future upgrades - I got the new bike on Wednesday last week and haven't had time to do anything to it but put on a new FMF Q4, change the oil, put in a Scott's stainless filter and give everything a good inspection. There are a few things I will definately be doing.

First off as expectd I'll definately be gearing this baby down. 13/49 is WAY too tall for where I ride. Probably will go with 13/51 or 13/52. Any suggestions?

Next will be a full complement of guards. Hand guards, skid plate, rad guards, shark fin etc. I felt a little naked today. Fortunately, no major hits and no damage done.

I think a bigger tank will also be in the works. We only rode 28 miles today and that made a pretty good dent in the fuel supply.

One more thing I think I'll get is a kickstand. I've never had one on any of my bikes before as I have always done a lot of moto, but I think this bike will be mainly a trail bike and as much as it pains me to say it, a kickstand would be really nice to have in a lot of places.

Lastly, I'll definatly be putting a Rekluse in at some point. Until then, I'll probably go with a heavier flywheel to help with the stalling. It's not as good as a Rekluse, but a lot better than nothing.

All in all, I think my feeling for this new bike can be summed up with this: :worthy::banana:

How long is the Q4 compared to the stock exhaust? I have a Q2 and was wondering if the Q4 is any shorter.

By the way, nice write up and sweet bike...

nice review...The first thing I would buy would be the

GYTR Off-Road Flywheel GYT-2S297-50-50. There is no downside to installing the heavier flywheel only pluses and it's fairly inexpensive and easy to install.

easier to turn huh...?? I thought these bikes didn't corner(sarcasm). Enjoy the bike and have fun with all the mods.

How long is the Q4 compared to the stock exhaust? I have a Q2 and was wondering if the Q4 is any shorter.

By the way, nice write up and sweet bike...

The Q4 is about 2 inches shorter than the stock. On the Q4 this is about 33 inches from the header/midpipe junction compared to 35 for the stock silencer.

I been riding the 07 YZ450f for 2 months now. Im not sure if im in love with the bike as much as I am with the CRF450r.

The YZF is better suspended for sure but the Honda has a motor to die for plus the Honda corners very well. Although the YZF corners nice it has at times let the front tire lose and I don’t seem to trust the front end as much.

Both bikes are well put together (the best) but the YZF is easyer to work on.

Im sure I will like the YZF more as I form to its style and time passes.

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