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Here it Is Last Post for 1st annual West Coast TT Ride

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So this is it we are ready to rock and roll. We have about (give or take) 40 people showing up. There are about 20 in Camp Grp A, 6 in Camp 12 (Suzuki Guys Tend to stay by themselves) a few in RV’s and many showing up on Saturday for the day (We Call them Day Walkers).

But here is the skinny on everything that is going to happen:

First: Prizes

We will have a raffle on Saturday night about 7 pm. (Need not be Present to Win), the prizes will be for:

Grand Prize: MotoMaster USA High-Performance Front Disc and Brake Pads

2nd Grand Drawing wins: $150.00 Gift Certificate Redeemable on any Pro Moto Billet product

3rd Grand Drawing wins: CRD Aluminum Bike Stand & Air Filter from Ligne Racing

Raffle Tickets will be on sale up to 6:30 pm Saturday night, they are 5 dollars a ticket or 5 for 20 bucks.

(NOTE: All Money Collected Goes Directly Back to ThumperTalk)


Contest Categories will be:

Because 1st Place prizes are Bike Specific we will announce the prize at the beginning of each final race. We have 3 DrD Hot Starts 1 for each CRF YZ426 and YZ400, Plus 3 CFC Case Savers set aside for first place finishes. We have a couple thousand dollars worth of prizes donated

Also note everyone who shows up "Well At least the first 40" get the famous Thumpertalk.com fender Graphics Just for showing up.

Special Note:We will have Waivers to sign for all that want to participate, No Sign No Participate. Please understand this is protecting not just you, but ThumperTalk and its advertisers

Longest Wheelie:

1st To Be Determined at Event, 2nd DrD Hat and T-Shirt, 3rd Seal Savers.

Most Styled Stoppie:

1st To Be Determined at Event, 2nd DrD Hat and T-Shirt, 3rd Seal Savers

Slow Drag Race: Details On Saturday

1st To Be Determined at Event, 2nd DrD Hat and T-Shirt, 3rd Seal Savers

Cleanest & Trashed Bike:

1st Place DrD Hat, T-Shirt * DrD Stickers, Runner Up DrD Stickers

Best Rig / Trailer / Hauler:

1st place DrD Hat, T-Shirt and DrD Stickers, Runner Up DrD Stickers

Best Bench Racing Story:

1st Place Seal Savers, DrD Hat & T-shirt, Runner Up DrD Stickers and bragging rights

Most Styled Jump:

1st To Be Determined at Event, 2nd Seal Savers & DrD Hat, 3rd DrD T-Shirt and Stickers

Many of you have asked about just showing up and riding Saturday. Unfortunately we can not use Morning Star as a staging area, so for those that are planning on hooking up will have to either pay a day pass at morning star and push or truck your bikes to the front gate or Staging area just before Morning Star. Please understand Morning Star has had some very bad experiences with Dirt Bikers and Quads, They have opened the Back Gate for Camp Grp A only because Myself, Cisco and Fryboy have pleaded begged and gave our word on keeping it as they (Morning Star) want it.

We will though, Place a Flag / Banner of some sort, on the Gate at the road entrance where Thumper talkers will be camped, you will be allowed to bring the bikes just inside the gate for the festivities such as Lunch Break, Awards and Raffle Drawing. We will make sure to have room in that area. I suggest for those that are hooking up Saturday, you need to Post your forums or PM those you know, to make your plans for what staging area to meet at.

So with that comes the Weekend Itinerary:

Friday: I will be in about 2 or 2:30pm, I have arranged for Camp Grp A to be allowed in if I am not there first, (I am paying up front) Will collect Later.

12:00pm Arrivals to Camp Grp A Setup, on your own rides, plus general Howdy Doo’s


Dawn rides anyone who wants to venture out.

Group rides are categorized as Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced; we have leads that know the Area and the difficulty of the Loops. We anticipate about 5 - 7 riders in each group.

Noon to 1 pm Plus or Minus:

Lunch and first round of Contest: Best Bench racing, Best Bike / Trashed Bike and Best Rig if time

After 1pm

Scheduled Contests then Second round of rides: Longest Wheelie, Styled Stoppie, Slow Drag Race and styled Jump.

6:30 Gathering for Grand Prize drawing. After that Open time do whatever


Check out is Noon Sunday:

For those that want to pay for a day pass and stay at morning star or pay another night at Grp A, your on your own arrange between yourselves and Pete the proprietor.

Camp Rules

<ul type="square">[*]Under no circumstances will a bike be ridden in the park unless Street legal[*]Bikes will stay at all times in group A.[*]Bikes can only be started at the Gate Entrance or beyond; it would be a courtesy gesture to only start one Grp of bikes at a time.[*]Any violation seen by Morning star can get the rest of us kicked out no refund[*]We will police ourselves; we are representing ThumperTalk and its advertisers[*]Only those that are officially camping can use the park showers, and swimming rights[*]Bikes cannot be started after 10pm curfew, unless pushed outside the gate for night rides.[*]Drinking is fine until?

Remember we are at a very strict park, it is family oriented, and allows for no mistakes

AGAIN NO MISTAKES. Pete and Kay have shared there dislikes for Dirt bikers in general, its time for them to see the better part of dirt riders that’s US.

Ride Fast

And Prosper

Ego, Fryboy, BigBlue and Cisco

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