*** Utah riders -- Cherry Creek Saturday ***

I'm planning a ride at Cherry Creek for Saturday (29th). It should be 60 degrees, partly cloudy, and probably a little muddy up high -- if it gets too muddy we can stay low or ride the dunes at Little Sahara. Should be great fun! Anybody else interested, post here or send me a PM.

- Eric

What time and where, eh? I'm also planning on riding out that way on saturday with a buddy. Let me know and we'll hook up. thanks

Chris :)


I would love to go, however I work that day. :D Have fun and please be sure to blast some trails for me!!...........db :)

You sould take th eday off. I just drove through the area last nite. It was raining lightly. Should be dust free and incredible!

Chris, starting around 10:00am was the plan. How familiar are you with the area? We could meet up at the cross-roads at Jericho Junction or at the Ranger Station at the entrance of Little Sahara. When and where will you be?

- Eric

TT :)

Eric- I usually don't go to the ranger station or little sahara at all. I keep going past the left turn (to the sand dunes) to the dirt road. Where the road forks, I go right, and park a little ways off to the right of the road. I just don't see any point in paying the fee unless my bike has a paddle tire on it, which it doesn't now. How about meeting at the first cattle gaurd on the dirt road? I believe it is just a bit before it forks.

Chris :)

P.S.- I'm not that fast, but my buddy is (if he comes, I think he will).


If you ride the dunes or cherry creek, the fees go to a great cause. It hleps maintain and keep the whole park open for all to enjoy. Have fun.............db

P.S. I work at South Valley Motorsports in Draper now. Check me out if/when you need parts.

Well, I havent' been keeping track of the date closely enough. This saturday is the 29th, and I am going to support wade allison and company at the state capital this saturday at 11:00 am. We are having a ralley to speak out against suwa and misc other green sob's who are trying to ban all ohv's everywhere. I hope some others will attend. Thanks if you attend the ralley, sorry I can't go this weekend.

Chris :)

Yeah I know, I have to work. I want to be there but it's not possible. Don't forget to drop by the shop sometime. Let others know as well...................db

Last call... anyone...

Have fun riding. Sorry, I can't go. I'm Scoutmaster and will be picking-up food donations Saturday morning with the Boy Scouts. However, I hope to hit the OCA track in the afternoon.


We are going Sunday if you want to ride then too. We are meeting at 0900 on the south side of the highway in the gravel area (across the street from where you and I parked that one day we both went)................db :)

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