How long have you been riding ?

I was at work today and i was talkin to one of my buddies about riding dirtbikes .We got into all the different bikes we've had and he asked me how long i've been riding for.I thought about it for a sec and it sure felt funny saying i've been riding dirtbikes for 21 yrs.which isn't that big of a deal but i am only 25. :)

27 years of dirt & street and I am getting slower not faster. I am 41 now. My body does not like to crash. I just go out and have fun for the most part. I am really enjoying watching the young guys get stuck in 3 feet of mud or looping out on big hill climbs. Brings back good memories. :)

Got my first bike at age 7, I'm now 35(28 years and counting). Titanium plate and 14 pins in my left femur from a 1992 accident. Still going strong.

Just bought my 03' WR450 two days ago, first day I thought I had made a big mistake because of the lack of power. Found this site that night and looked up the mods/ completed them the next morning. Yesterday, took away all doubts of a bad decision. I am a very happy camper now. This bike rocks! Wish they had these bikes back when I was fast.


I know how you feel ThumperWR450F, I've been riding for 16 years and I'm only 20 :)

26 years in the saddle now, started at 11 on kiddies mx bikes and have ridden ever since.. no plates, but both wrists have had to be straightened out :) I was brought up in London, so no forests or farms to ride, just backstreets and alleys and Hampstead Heath.. that was of course illegal, just added to the fun :D sl70.

and yes adam...i was camping at weber lake back then to. :)

Thirty four and counting......dirt and street. :)

20yrs of riding and crashing and I'm 24. :)

Okay, I'm going to go against the grain here. I'm 33 and bought my first bike a year ago. Better late than never.

I'm almost 36 and have 26 years of dirt riding, mostly woods, fireroads and used to do enduros. Like someone else mentioned, 1 titanium plate, 9 screws with a broken tibula and fibula + a crushed and dislocated ankle and I'm a little more cautious. I also have 14 years of street riding experience with around 50,000 miles logged on 6 different street bikes.

24 years riding,im 27 almost 28.

ok it's battle scar time here? he he... i have 2 titanium plates and 12 screws and a broken collarbone.

I give. You win. I only have bad knees from skiing.

38 years young and been riding 28 of them. Started out on a shiny red ,pull start, sach powered Motoskeeter.

Bet not too maney of yah have seen one of those.


wow !! de ja vu !! i coulda sworn i read that already !! :D:)

I started off in '93 with an '87 RM 125 on a motocross track in Cheyenne, WY, sold it then moved here and bought a 1976 Suzuki GT750cc two-stroke road bike. I used a '82 XL 500 for an fall in '96. Bought a '97 XR 400 in '98 and a my current bike in march of '01.


:Dstarted in 78 with a DS80, then... 81 RM125, 92 rm250, 90 750Virago, 78 Gs850Gt, 92 cbr600f2, 84 rz350, 88 fzr400, 94 cr125, 97 cr80, 94 cbr600f2, 99 wr400, 00 yzf600r6, 02 ttr125l, 01 yz125 I'm sure i left some out... :)

33 years - 31 of those on Yamaha and now at over 25plus total bikes dirt and street. Rode on six continents and about 30 countries.

Got some "relatively minor " injuries- but incurred real damage in one of only about three or four HARD crashes in 1992. That one broke my talus, tibia, fibula in multiple places and a month in the hospital.

Been riding only 50%-75% pace since and no jumps - but finally starting to slow down at 46.

My son and I miss ol Garrett being around - Saw Mr. Berg riding Garrets YZ at Highlands a couple weeks ago. Yeah my 14 year old son rides and races but I keep a close and well experienced eye on him. Strret rides in Houston are getting worse all the time - I recommend stay in the dirt :).

I am almost 32 and have been riding since I was 4. I have been riding woods seriously since '97. Weber Lake!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to get up there again! ----Mike

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