How long have you been riding ?

Been riding dirt and street since '63. Then you had to convert a street bike cause no one built dirt bikes. My first bike was some kind of yamaha 100 single made of insta-rust, bendable metal. Folding pegs, suspension, torque, lightweight - NOT!!

Oh, yeah... I attended the 1964 world's fair in New York, and saw an emerging company called Honda introducing its new 50cc thumper. Who would have thought...

Started riding in 1969 with a Lil' Indian minibike. Started motorcrossing in 1973. My last racing season was 1983 in AMA Dist 14.

Spent 3 years doing product development test riding for Honda R&D beginning in 1984.

Rode my first dual sport event in 1986 on the Barstow to Vegas Poker run on a 80cc Honda Scooter slightly modified for off road use. Still have the award for 'smallest bike' hanging on the wall from that event. Still riding but much slower these days and still having fun.

since 71....minitrail 50.

73 mti 75 kaw

75 mc1m 90

76 kd125

76 xl 350

77 g5c 100

82 xr200r

74 350 single cylinder harley(arrmacchi)

86 tt350

86 xL600

91 dr350

80 kx250

95 ktm mxc300

2001 ktm sx250

85 yami 750 seca

2001 ttr 125

98 wr400

2000 yz426

2003...still riding...

32 years... sh*t ...i'm an old fart.

Chris "starttman" Startt

28 years of crashing and some riding. First bike Honda CT70, then SL70, 1975 CR125 Elsinore(sieze machine),1978 XL350(wheelie machine) 1985 *NEW* ATC 200X (broke my hip,5 screws,plate,and a pin), 1987 *NEW* Yamaha FZ 600 (got rid of it so I did'nt kill my self), did'nt own a bike for about 10 years but rode friends bikes. Bought new 1998 ATK 605 (hill climbing beast), 2003 Yamaha 450F (awesome!!!), 2003 Yamaha YZFR6 (the "R" is for ROCKET!!). Ride to live, live to ride. :)

My bike history goes a little something like this-

19?? Suzuki quad- 50cc I think

19?? Yamaha PW 50- yellow with factory #1's on it

1985 Suzuki DS 80- good little bike

1993 Yamaha RT 100- don't ever buy one of those things!

1985 Yamaha IT 200- second best bike I ever owned, I wish I hadn't sold it

2000 Yamaha YZ 426F- best bike I ever owned

Hey zaknavange

Got you beat a little - started in 64 with a Lil' Indian (man - 2 smoke cart engine, no suspension, centrifical clutch & 1 drum brake all in a 75 LB package!), then moved to a 441 BSA Victor to motocross & TT the next year. Been all ovet the spectrum since then, both street & dirt. Be 55 this summer & still ride the dirt almost weekly, abet lower and slower!

I am 38 years old. I have been riding for 33 years.

First bike was a Kawasaki "Coyote" pull start minibike. I wish I still had it. I understand they are worth a decent amount of jack.

Well it is time to bite the bullet. My first motorized bike was a Whizzer. That was 1951. Not to long after that my first motorcycle. There has only been two years since then that I didn't own a bike and ride. Sooo thats 50 YEARS.

Got my first bike at age 24 in 1970, rode until 1979 and sold the bike. (not the same one). Had no bike until 1998 and bought a 85 XT350 from a friend. Some Friend, but got me back riding. Bought a brand new WR 400 in july of 99 and had it till March 1 2003. Sold it to ZEKEDAWG in Chico Calif.

I got the first KNOWN WR 450 in the continenal U.S. of A

January 9 2003.

Awsome Machine.. I turned 57 last Wednesday


I grew up a poor kid in a dusty town. (Wilson Creek, WA., Population 180) We had a motorcycle course about 2 miles out of town, and if I heard somebody heading out there, I'd walk, or ride my bicycle, and just hang out watching. I must have ran around that track no less than 1 ga-zillion times. Wishin' hoping and dreaming that I was on a moto.

Bought my first dirtbike when I was 22, stationed in Little Rock, Ar., I bought a 1988 KDX 200, probably only got to ride it about 30 times in the year that I had it.

Now I have 3 bikes.

1998 WZ 400

1976 TT 500

1982 Maxim 400

I ride anywhere, any time at the drop of a hat. If you have loved something since you were a kid, but you could not do it, when you get the chance, the fun NEVER runs out!

I just started racing last year, and I LOVE it. This past weekend I raced at the Eddieville Track, Goldendale, Wa., and I got 4th in the 4-Stroke Amatuer class.

4 years of dirtbiking under my belt, but they are 4 very full years.


I started later than I would have liked too............I am thirty one and have been riding dirt for nineteen years (raced for ten of them), and street for seventeen years (raced for three of them). I will be racing both again real soon.

Below is a resume of Motorcycles that I have owned.

It's a pretty short resume of bikes.


80' Honda 100

82' YZ 125

82' HONDA XR 250-R

84' KTM 250



89' GSXR 1100

90' KX 125


91' ZX7-RR

91' ZX-6

91' CBR 600 F2

92' GSXR 750

92' CBR 600 F2

92' CBR 600 F2

93' CBR 600 F2

93' ZX7-R

93' ZX7




95' ZX6-R

95' ZX9-R

96' YZF 600 (WIFE'S BIKE)

96' GSXR 750

96' ZX7-R

96' KX 250

97' ZX6-R RED


97' ZX7-R

97' ZX9-R

98' CBR 600 F3

98' YZF R-1

98' ZX6-R

00' ZX6-R

00' ZX7-R

00' ZX9-R

00' KX 100 (WIFE'S BIKE)

01' YZF-R6

02' WR 426-F-----------------------Currently own

02' TTR-125-L (WIFE'S BIKE)--------Currently own

02' YZF-R1-------------------------Currently own

Looking for a Yamaha R6 for a track bike.

That's All Folks......................db :)



Man :)!!!!! I've never seen such a thing. You owned more bike in the last ten years than most of the dealers here have held in their showroom!!!

I'm 26 and I started riding at 13 so this year is the one that makes it switch: by the end of this years I will have been a rider for most of my life :D

I'm 45 and been riding 31 of them. Faster now than when I was racing at 20. Don't have to prove it every time out, either.

Oh yeah, also smarter.


I'm 39 and have been riding 33 years. Has anyone else noticed the bike seats get harder every year?

been riding for 28 years , mostly dirt with a little street thrown in . turn 40 this year :D can i expect the mid life crisis thing to start anytime ? i do have my eye on a new gsxr1000 :)

got my first bike at 14 in 72 a ducati hawk i think "too much canadan beer in aluminin cans" a 50 cc fan cooled two smoke

77 rm 125

78 xt 500

66 chevel malabu ss

70 cb 750

71 240Z

79 rm250

76 kz650

81 gs750

84 rm250

83 rz350

86 rz350 raced rz cup 2 years,ended with broken bones.

78 xt500

85 gsxr750

80 rm250

78 it175

84 xt350

85 gsxr750 wife's

90 yz250 broke my back in 99

83 rz350

86 gsxr ltd

91 gsxr1100

86 gsxr1100

83 xr 100

83 xr 100 check it out

81 xr200 wife's

03 WRF450 street legal sm ,rims on the way, went in my first x country last weekend in sen am and i was'nt last.the 450 rocks.that makes it 45 years :)

I'm 42 and I've been riding since I was eight.... so that's 34 years now. Raced some motocross in high school, didn't ride much for the next 10 years while going to school, been racing desert for the past ten.


Honda mini trail 50.

Honda trail 90

1970 Sachs 125 CC (Cross Country not cubic centimeters)

1971 Suzuki TS185

1978 Suzuki RM125 (first bike I purchased myself)

1975 Honda CL360 Road bike for commuting at school etc.

1992 Yamaha WR250

1997 Yamaha WR250

Next? Dunno. Help me out here.

Has anyone else noticed the bike seats get harder every year?

Oh yeah! I went from a 1985 IT 200 to a 2000 YZ 426F- I noticed a huge difference :)

Started in 1963. First bike, 1956 BSA 125cc two smoke. Been riding street and dirt ever since. I am 52 now. I guess that makes it about 40 years. I am feeling it! :) Really slow now but commute to work on a bike when weather permits and ride off-road every chance I get.

I plan to continue this until I spontaneously combust someday. :D:D

Been at it since 1971,I was 3yrs old on a Indian 50cc.I am almost 35 now so 32 yrs,and have never had a year off or have never been without a bike,and have had only 3 serious injuries which I needed to take time off from racing...I have owned over 70 bikes since then.....

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