How long have you been riding ?

" sl70.

and yes adam...i was camping at weber lake back then to"

LOL. :) I was sporting a Honda CT-90 in '72. Those were good days.

35 GREAT years of dirt and street riding.

lets see got my first rupp enduro in 1969, dt175 yammie 2 years later and lots since then.34 years of mostly fun with a couple of trips to the hospital thrown in there.

wouldn't trade the experiences for anything. :)

1970, I started on a Yamaha mini enduro. My first race bike was a SL 70 with the lights off. My youngest son just turned four and he has been riding for over a year now.

I thought I was a senior rider but there are some real buzzards around this place.....Very cool. Keep ridin guys.

27 years, 23 of those on dirt bikes.

78 Suzuki RM50

77 Kawasaki KD100M

76 Kawasaki KT250

82 Yamaha YZ100

83 Honda XL80S

84 Honda XL250R

84 Kawasaki KX250

84 Kawasaki KXT250

89 Kawasaki KX80

82 Honda XL500R

86 Honda XL600R

79 Honda CBX

93 Honda CBR1000F

87 Honda XR600R D/S

93 Kawasaki KX500 D/S

03 Yamaha WR450F

It's an obsession, isn't it?

(FYI, after looking at the other posts: No injuries other than a couple of wrist x-rays and more bruises than I want to think about.)

Riding since 1977. Owned some 25 dirt bikes:

1 x Benneli

1 x derbi

1 x Beta

1 x Kawasaki

1 x Husaberg

2 x KTM

3 x Husky

5 x Suzuki

8 x Yamahas :)

25 years of fun, adrenaline and friendships in the dirt :D

still having fun each weekend though I'm much more carefull these days (38 years old + wife + 2 kids + mortage) :D

OK my turn,

Started riding when I was 9. First bike was a Yamaha 60 - couldn't beleive I didn't have to peddle!. Started racing MX and flat track at 10 on a Steen (Hodaka 80 engine). Quit riding bikes when I was 21. At the time I was running expert class in Southeast on a RM125. Didn't get on a dirt bike (XR250) again until last year (20 years later!). Now I can't beleive I ever quit. Having more fun now just tooling around in the woods than I ever. :)

Technically, I dont ride my WR. But I've been falling off of it for about 2 years now... :)

Numerous years of mountain biking though...

Hmmm, how long? My first bike was 1967 ... a '46 Triumph 350 that I grafted in a '54 BSA 250 single into 'cause the 350 blew up!

going on about 5. But this is my first bike i have ever had. I learned with my good friend Ronnie Hurd. On his xr 100. I love it. Now my wife does it. LOL

Take care

25 years of street riding on litre-class sportbikes.

3rd season on a WR400 (my first dedicated dirt bike) I think that description above of 'controlled falling' more describes my so-called style.

My first bike was a 1969 Honda 90 Trail Bike. I bought it new.

2001 XR650R/Power-up.

Started riding in 68 A 5HP Rupp. I'm 39 know and still can't

get enough.

Started when I was 13 with a home made mini bike built from parts. My father was totally against motorcycles. So when I told him I wanted to buy a mini bike frame ($14) and he was agreeable, was I ever surprised. Later he got upset when I removed an old Jacobson 2 stroke engine from his reel type lawn mower and installed it in the frame. He thought a mini bike was a Sting Ray bicycle! Later he bought a centrifugal clutch for me and became supportive. Funny, he was the first to crash the mini bike as he showed off to my mother. Then along came the movie "On any Sunday"

Home made Mini Bike

125 MotoGuzzi $65 Age 16. My dad thought it was safe because it didn't run when purchased! I put 1000's of miles on it. Blew it up, fixed it, blew it up......

1972 125 Suzuki Duster $525 new, High School job at Baskin Robbins - quit the day after I had saved enough for it. I rode it every day. Usually from after school to dark.

2) Honda CB360's

Honda 125 Elsinore first year- Pissed Dad off with this one

2) Honda SL125's - Still have a 1972

1974 Honda XL125 - Still have it

4) Honda XR75 - Still have 3

Honda XR80 - Still have it

Suzuki DR350

1989 Honda GB500TT - Still have it

2) 1989 Honda XL600V TransAlp - Favorite bike, gave one to my best friend a year ago. We discovered Baja and Mexico on these. We rode mini bikes together in Jr High. Later in High School he had an SL100 while I had the Guzzi 125 dust magnet.

1998 PC800 - bought it when I was feeling my age

2003 WR450F - Mid life crisis? Off to Baja with Malcolm Smith Tour in April with best my best friend of over 40 years!

Steve age 47

Ive been riding for 8 years, Im 23 now.

First bike came in peices in a carboard box, it was a 1981 TT 250.... someone had seized the crank and I got the whole thing for $50. Dad and I rebuilt it from the ground up, painted the frame and everything. It was cherry.

Goes without saying, my WR is a TAD faster than that old bike. :)

Started dreaming about it in 1973, and started riding a XR75 in 1975.

I started in 1978 when I was 12, on a 1968 Honda 90 trail bike, bought new and used by my grandpa when he was 76, cause he didn't like being passed by his sons on the 50 cc Hondas on hunting and fishing excursions...I then bought a new '80 Yam DT 175, '82 Kaw KDX250, then 4 street bikes until I sold my ZX6 in 1992...So, exactly 10 years later, I fell for my beloved 2002 WR426F. Amazing piece of machinery. Best damn bike I ever had! :)

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