YZ tank and seat for WR

I own an '02 WR426 and asked my local dealer if I could directly mount a YZ426 tank/seat combo to my bike without any modifications. The dealership could not tell me if that was possible and said I would just have to buy them and see. Surely, this should be commonly known to mechanics/dealers/and parts personell. Is this possible to do? And, does it sound to you, like me, that this dealership needs some real help?

If this is possible, which is the best brand of aftermarket tank/seat combo to purchase.


The 426YZF seat and tank are direct bolt ons. This is the best change I've done to my WR yet. :) Checkout the SDG seat. I perfer the stock YZF tank myself. I've ridden over 60 miles on a full tank.

There is a deal right now on a Clark tank and SDG

seat combo

www.clarkemfg.com does offer a STOCK capacity YZF tank in multiple colors!

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