Like I have said, a buddy of mine leaned my bike out. He said his was jetted like this. In my ignorance I have no idea where he jetted it at. He moved the needle position and changed the main and pilot jetting. The only differences I have experienced is popping after a high rev and I let off the gas... no clutch and of course it runs better. What are your jetting and needle recomendation? I ride from 5,000 ft to 9,500. Ocassionally lower elevations.


You can search this forum. I beleive a 155 - 160 main,a YZ- EKP needle in #3 clip position with a 38 PJ and a 65 PAJ should be what you find in your search. I am planning on using this as a starting point for my trip to Colorado this summer.


See my "sig" below for my jetting details. Several other CO folks are running the same setup with great results.


Not as bad as I thought. My jetting is one leaner on the main and pilot and the needle position is 2nd from the top. That should be ok... correct? (5,000'-9,500' riding elevation)

I have to admit that I can only jet by throttle response and poping in the exhaust. If you pop only once in a while from chopping the trottle and you like the crispness of the throttle response in all throttle positions you are probably there. :)

Hi Indy!

Listen, I get some popping on decell but mostly when I shut down bike I get small pop when engine comes to stop. I've changed main jet to a 160, removed snorkle & baffle, YZ throttle stop, grey wire disconnected. It's not a full backfire just a small pop. I have a 48 pilot & 72 starter on order so I'm hoping the 48 pilot will help.

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