Woodruff or Starter Clutch Let Go?

I've had the 450 for 6 weeks now but haven't riden it much as too much rain in Houston area and I knew that the key issue wasn't sorted plus a bunch of MX by my son - so only 31 miles. Pushing 5 miles with my leg isn't an option...

Been starting it with the kick - but yeaterday hit the button and it started and then backfired/died. Hit the button again and just spinning at the starter - but not turning over the engine. After 31 years on Yamaha I might be sorry that I didn't just keep the 426 or go to KTM on this one!

Is this the way yours was or sounds like the starter isn't engaging. I really like my dealer - Texas Yamaha - and it kept me from going the Orange - but when I tool it in they didn't want to work on lapping the crank/key as no gaskets. etc were available - and probably still aren't.

My frame is 00755. Will be at Yamaha tomorrow.

Ignition cover gasket is available. My dealer wouldn't do TBS repair without it. Got it back on Friday and rode Sun. for 25 miles and no problems. :)

Hmmmm. Sounds a little like the problem that the purchasers of Yamaha quads have been having >HERE for Starter Problems<

Hope it's not the same issue, because I don't think Yamaha has a fix for it.

Good luck.

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