Just bought a 05 WR450

Hi Everyone,

I use to post on here all the time back before 2004 when I sold my WR400. I just picket up a 2005 WR450 that is street legal with California plate. Bike runs great and seems strong yet some cosmetic things are a little rough ( missing bolts, hacked up parts etc). I do have a few questions though. Im going to put a larger tank on the bike and wanted to know about the shrouds. I hear people say the bike needs yz shrouds. I looked at pictures on line and the 05 wr and yz shrouds seem to be the same. Even the Acerbis part numbers are the same. was it only the 03 and 04 that needed yz shrouds?

06 wr450, which I think is same as 05 , bought ims 3.1 gal, fit perfect, shrouds ok.

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