WR450F Dual Sport Question

Have any of you guys figured out the gas milage of the 2003 WR450F?

Any reccomendations for an aux tank?

23 to 25 mpg and 60 + miles per tank. That is consitent with my riding style and terrain. I use the bottom end and shift a lot. Reving the engine may result in different numbers. I have been monitering this closely and my mileage has remained consistent :)

Guess its time for an aux tank...

My YZ400 got a fairly consistent 40mpg mostly riding single track mountain trails.

Hi guys,

I'm not trying to say your evaluation is wrong but we recently evaluated in another thread that the 426 was able to do 35 mpg. What's happening with the 450? 24mpg!!! Wow! this bike is thirsty :D! The 426 seem to show more similarity with the 400.

What is the explanation? The increase in cc is not enough substantial to be considered responsible for that enormous increase of gaz burning... A rise of displacement of 12,5% (400 to 450cc) cannot be responsible of a 40% economy loss (40mpg-24mpg)... :D:)

What do you think?

I haven't verified fuel mileage on my 450 but it does seem to go through gas quicker than the 426 did. Maybe we're just running them on the rich side for fear of backfire/woodruff key shearing issues? I know I run mine slightly rich.

I may be on the rich side (no poping on decel) and I am doing a lot of hills and sand. but 25 mpg is the best I have hit. Can anyone tell me how to get 40 mpg? That would give me a range of 100 + miles on a tank. That would be awesome! Need help form you jetting specialists!

I get some popping on deceleration. However, I notice it only happens when I inadvertantly leave on just a bit of throttle. If I close the throttle, it doesn't do it. Should I increase the size of my jetting? If so, which jet? I am at 155MJ and 48PJ.


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