We are planning a ride from Twin Falls, ID (Indian Springs parking lot south of Kimberly) to Jackpot, Nevada this spring. The ladies, the ones who don't ride anyway , are going to meet us in Jackpot, NV for a night of gaming, drinking and maybe the cocktail show. Date is to be announced. We did it in October and it is a blast! Let me know if anyone would like to join us. I'll keep you informed via email. Fyi: We have a truck follow us in case of an accident... and to carry the beer coolers!!!

Is this an off road ride or a road ride?? :)

It is a 1.5 lane dirt road about 55 or so miles. Some whooped out, highspeed turns and shooting through the trees. There are a few "play" spots. The most fun is the conversation and commrodory of the group. The laughing, joking and story telling. It is definately the easiest ride of the year. You make some good friends!

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