Damage prevention

I've got a 2008 yz450f that I bought in December 2007. Because of the green/red sticker BS in California, I haven't actually put that much use on the bike. Anyway, after seeing some posts about the cam chain or tensioner failing I thought it might be a good idea to change those up while the bike is parked until the red sticker season starts again in October. So my question is: Should I only change the chain if the tensioner's spring seems fine, or should I just change them out as a set regardless?

The tensioner is $45 or so.

If the tensioner plunger extends smoothly throughout the range, with an even amount of force, has no untoward looseness in it, and absolutely cannot be pushed in by bearing against the plunger, it's probably OK.

You decide.

Like Gray said, if its smooth to screw in and doesn't have any rough spots then its probably good.

I just replaced my tensioner a couple years ago on my 02 YZ, only because I put a crank in it and thought a new tensioner would help me sleep better at night.

IMO, the tensioners from '05 and before were more robust than the current ones are. The older ones like that on your 426 are almost indestructible, and very nearly fool proof.

Will they interchange Gray?

I'm pretty certain that they will not. The new ones are still pretty dependable, but not on the level the old ones were. Then again, they're less expensive.

Just one more reason to still be in love with my dinosaur... :worthy:

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