IGN/Clutch cover paint stripping?

Anybody tried stripping the paint off of the stock ignition and clutch covers? Yamaha finally got smart and left the cases bare. They had to paint the covers though. I may stripp the paint and hope it looks as good as a Honda cover. They sure make the bike look raggy when the paint wears. ---Mike

I just use a regular heavy duty paint stripper from the paint store. I have stripped the cases on my other bikes, but not my WR450 yet. I have found if its aluminum you can buff it and it will stay shiny for a long time, if its magnrsium it goes dull as soon as you wash it. The clutch cover says magnesium on it I'am not sure on the magneto side, and I don't know how you can tell.

What is the advantage in stripping off the steel gray paint?

The only advantage would be having a uniform look to the covers. That way you do not get the stripe where your boot wears. I am willing to bet they are both magnisium. It is cheaper and easier to die cast. I wonder if it would look ok if you strip it and leave it? ----Mike

Ok I understand. My boots scratch up the sides a lot. I just live with the appearance. Let us know which method works best on the WR covers.

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