McGrath on the KTM... Photos

the King could do THAT on my kid's King Cobra 50cc!!! I hope old age and treachery DOES overcome! GO McGrath!! :)

I am VERY pleased Jer is on KTM's. It's good for KTM, Jer and us, the consumer, especially since Jer's contract involves 2 years as a development rider!

If you were around when KTM's were Penton's, you have witnessed the making of a GREAT off road/mx bike company. MXA (Dirt Rider?) did an article on KTM, it's life, woes and victories.

KTM has come a very long way in the MC business and I hope they never go.

KTM has upped the ante on off road bikes. If you like your WRF...Thank KTM!

If you like your YZF450...thank KTM!

Isn't KTM working on a ~900cc twin street (street fighter?) bike...???

I like KTM and I like MC.....but I have to admit not in a million years would I live to see this combination.

Go MC/KTM!!! :)

I have to admit I sold my older generation KTM thumper(LC4) for a Yamaha, but I love the fact that KTM finally has a notable rider in the 250 class. Now my friends that say if KTM's were any good how come nobody good rides them in 250 Supercross? Well, if Jeremy isn't good enough who is? Kudos to the Orange side! Eric

What's he gonna do with that big "BLUE" Tractor Trailer with his name and the Yamaha logo all over it?

Bonzai :)

Painted Orange already!!!!!!!!!


I saw pictures of your trailer setup a while ago-I bet ou're trying to figure out a way to put a bid in on his old trailer aren't you??? :)

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