Rekluse Question

I have a Rekluse pro model and was wondering if anyone else running one noticed their oil to come out much darker since installing it?

Currently using the suggested Rotella dino 15W40. Clutch is set up correctly and is on the med/hard setting. Ride only tight single track and change the oil every 100 to 120kms. Bike only has 900kms on it (500 with Rekluse).

I emailed Rekluse and they said not to worry about it. Should I be?

I run rotella 15W40 in my WR and its a little darker but I haven't worried about it any. I have the magnetic drain plug just in case anything was happening though.

I was using rotella before running a rekluse and have not seen a difference since putting it in. Don't forget to check you gap after you have it broke it in. (if you have not done so already)

I had a Rekluse in my '03 YZF and ran Rotella 15w40. I thought the oil looked a little darker too. Put close to 100 hours on it w/o any problems. If it's installed and set up correctly I wouldn't worry about it.

The gap has been checked twice. No issues there. I guess I'm just being a little paranoid.

I never used the rotella oil but with the activo it didnt change colors or get any darker any sooner.

The mystery has been solved. Clutch was slightly rubbing inside of magnesium clutch cover. Put the Rekluse cover on and oil is now coming out as it should. Should have just bought it in the first place as the thicker gasket they supply weeps.

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