Hi there, I have a 99YZ400 I bought an extra set of rims with street legal tires, the rims are off a 2007 YZ450 the back bolts up fine to the 99 but the front rim does not, the spacers on one side is a little too long, anyone know what spacers i can use to make it work? seems one side the spacer just needs to be a bit longer and the other side a bit shorter and it would work.....

Are you using the 400 spacers or the 450 spacers?

Read this from the wheel interchange thread. Info courtesy of Bob Russell at RTR Precision Wheel Lacing:

Front Wheels:

The front hub is the same from 1997 to 2001. Uses 20mm bearings. It can be identified by the four cast reinforcement ribs running across the hub.

2002 and up use the same hub. This hub also uses 20mm bearings. It is smooth across the center, with no ribs, and has a larger diameter at that point.

Early Front hubs can be used on 2002 and up by using the 2001 spacers . 2002-up hubs can be used on earlier bikes by using 2002 and up spacers.

This information applies to all YZ models from 125-450F.

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