Replacing WR headlight with YZ plate????

Greetings THUMPS! Just wondering if it is possible to install a YZ number plate on my WR426? Will it fit without too much modification or is it a lost cause? Has anyone removed the headlight and installed a front number plate instead, any pictures would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the information.



yes it is easy.

you will need to disconnect the headlight wiring harness under the tank.

Also, you will need to fabricate a bracket that attaches your upper triple clamp to the mounting bolt hole on the top of the number plate. A flexible pipe hanger, found at Home Depot in the plumbing department should work. You will be using the odometer mouting hole on the upper triple clamp to mount the number plate (using the flexible pipe hanger).

You will need to get the plastic prongs (2) on the bottom of the number plate to fit into the headlight mounts on your lower triple clamp.

You can do this 2 ways:

Using a drill w/ NO BIT in it, carefully stick each prong into the drill's chuck opening and turn down the plastic prong to make it skinnier. Be careful you don't SNAP off the prong. Take your time and don't try to take off too much at a time.

Or, you can drill and tap the headlight mounting holes on the lower triple clamp to accept the plastic prongs on the number plate.

Both of these techniques has been used successfully.

wow kev, you did it the long way. and the complicated way! :):D

like he said, take off headlight (a couple bolts, then quick unplug of wires)

get # plate, but make sure you get it for the correct year of your bike. teh 98/99 # plate doesn't fit up to the 00-02 (03?) front fender correctly, and vise versa.

i used a utility blade to shave down posts on bottom of new # plate for fear of snapping off posts (only took like a minute and could trial/error till it was a tight fit)

then i just ran a zip-tie (cable tie found at autoparts stores) through the vent hose holder thingy at the top back center of the # plate and down through the bolt mounting hole in the middle of the top triple clamp and tightened it down till the # plate was held securly down against pegs in lower triple clamp. no problems yet after 2 season.

true,this is longer to read, but less complicated to do, cuz no brackets must be made, and no power tools need to be used. but then again, where's the fun in that? :D

racer36 :D


I have full access to a Nuclear Power Plant's machine shop. Being someone who just loves tools, I drilled and tapped my lower triple clamp. Then using solid aluminum billet, machined a block that bolts onto the upper triple clamp for the number plate mounting hole.

What do you expect me to do while on a 12 hour midshift working on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, wedding anniversary, birthdays, etc? :)

We did one with a GYT-R clamp. Bolts up like factory. Of course, we ditched the Odo, because we didn't want the weight as we only race this bike in Baja races. If you want to retain the Odo, call GPR Stabilizers. They have a piece that you can drill and tap the clamp and the Odo will bolt right on. Click on the link to see a action picture:


oh, i see kev. must be nice. my boss at my grocery store doesn't like it when i use company time to machine custom parts out of old dairy products on the deli slicers. :)

i was just letting him know the easy (lazy?) way of doing it in case he didn't have the means you do.

racer36 :D

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