Buddy pegs

Has anyone tried buddy pegs on wr450 and if so were did you attach and if carring passenger did you crash in firey wreck like warning decal states?

I did not want to drill holes in the frame so I bought clamp on pegs...The problem is that they won't hold securely. I think I'm going to ( oh oh, my knowledge of English is missing it)....well try to "add" 2 little flat metal pieces to the subframe on each side at the level I want the buddy pegs to be placed. Then I will drill holes throught these pieces and bolt racer bike buddy pegs in place. I found that other solutions were not secure and/or comfortable

If you want to stick with clamp on pegs, EMGO prvides some..Do a search with the search engine of this forum and you will find some infos...


Thanks. Let me know how it goes :)

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