Moab Video Status??

Kerry T. how's the video coming? Haven't heard from you in awhile. How did Darryl's pictures turn out hope to see them soon. Keep us posted, huge

The video project: I received the 8mm tapes from Cueball (Hoser #1) and tested them and they seem to be of good quality. I'm having trouble with my video equipment to do the dubdown so I need to get some replacement equipment. It will most likely be after Christmas until i get things rolling again. I'll keep you posted.

I turned the still pictures from Daryl(Hoser #2) over to Bryan so he can put them on the web site. But I know he's been very busy lately so I don't think he's had time to do it yet.

Does anyone remember the name of Cueballs helmet cam?(Hoser #1 helmet cam) and where to get one? I liked the way his attached to his helmet (on the side versus the top) like the one in the DirtBike magazine. I don't think the one that mounts to the top of your helmet would last too long due to low flying branches. The Thanksgiving day ride at Syonyford has me wanting one real bad hopefully for Christmas :) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

helmet camless, huge

Guess what Santa is bringing me for Xmas...

I'm getting the Helmet Camera found at

About $300 for the camera, housing, battery and charger.

I'm not sure if it was the one Cueball (Hoser #1) used but I think it is close.

I met a guy who used this camera this summer. He really liked it and said it works well on the trails.

Hey guys! My unit is from

Good timing on this post, cause I can give you some further feedback on this company. You may recall that I had some difficulty with the unit in Moab. As a result, I missed a fair bit of footage.

Anyway, it was completely hooped when I got back - no picture at all. I sent the camera back, and recieved a replacement right away. No questions asked. Bottom line: great service!

Another tip: get the external microphone.

Thanks Cueball, will due the microphone thing.

Dougie congrats man I can't wait to see how slow I ride on the big screen what a hoot.

Did the camera plug into a existing recorder or is it a complete unit? How long did it take you to get the camera angle down so that you were not getting video of the sky/ ground?

video, huge

Howard, the camera plugs into any camcorder that can accept video way to test is to see if your existing camcorder can tape from TV. If it can do that, then you can use the helmetcam. Ideally, the camcorder is small & light, with a good battery. The helmetcam comes with its own battery which lasts about 5 hours, so you need to carry camcorder battery(ies) for about the same duration.

Getting the angle right was a piece of cake. Since the camera itself mounts to your helmet with velcro it's very easy to adjust up/down. It comes with some serious 'industrial' velcro, so to ensure that I didn't waste that, I tested first with some regular velcro to get the correct position on the helmet. I then marked the position & used the good stuff.

The angle of the camera turns out to be more upward than you would first guess, so it takes a little trial & error.


Just ordered my helmetcam should be at the front door on Friday. Can't wait to try it out and get some footage of Stonyford New Years hope to get the bugs worked out by then. Any recomendations on a recorder I guess the smaller the better and don't forget that extended warranty. I can't wait to see my first header from a seat of the pants point of view on the big screen. Did I say first header...I mean my next header :)

video tape'in,huge

Howard, a couple of things about camcorders:

Digital is nice - easy hookup to pc for editing, and no loss of quality. More $$ though.

Whether you go digital or not, get one that allows easy recording from the helmetcam. My Canon is a royal order to get video from an outside source you have to go into menus & horse around. This means dragging it in and out of your fanny pack all day (you may have noticed in Moab!).

My buddy has a Sony, where the VTR switch is right on the outside. Just hit record & go -- much better.

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