smashed the right rad need help

i just finished the first enduro and i have a casualty. i hit a tree head on in the last 3 miles :D the right rad is pushed flat and appers to have a leak. :D the race budget is low this year and my next race is in two weeks. i can save the devole rad guard but need help with fixing the rad. any body have any suggestions or know anybody who fixes rads. a new one is $260 plus the shroud. :D any help would be appreated. thanks in advance. later :)

There is a company in Ca. that repairs motorcycle radiators.

Fontana Radiator - 1-800-430-7234

Wanna buy a used one? I have a spare, It might be a little tweaked from a tip over/ slide, I will have to look. I am looking for a slip on exhaust for my 650r.

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