WR 426 compared to other enduro bikes?

How does it stack up against:

XR 650

Drz 400e

XR 400

Please don't pounce on me. I am a newbe. My understanding...the 426 is:

just about as powerful as 650

lighter than just about all of them

better suspension

Reliability? Parts availability? Parts expense?

Figure it has more of a lighter MX feel, with more grunt.

Thanks for the help.

Heres my thoughts,

Same or better power than the 650 with some mods done

yes lighter than all of them

yes better suspension than all of them

Reliable if maintained well, parts easy to get, no bike parts are cheap.

The only thing all the other bikes win on is the drz has an electric leg

I ride a 426 with buddies who own XR650r, 400r, and drz400 and I agree with Beast at 100%. And those buddies would agree as well...

But, as nothing is free, the 426 is the most expensive bike to buy here in Canada (among the 4 we are talking about here).

I have an 02 XR400 as well and the thing about the XR's is they're tanks. They don't need much maintenance and last forever. I just sold my 84 XR250 and it still ran well.

But, they ride like tanks also...

If you are still looking for opinions, I've had my 01 wr426 about a month an finally got to put some miles on it the past week. It was like new and barely broken in when I got it. I agree with the other responses you received as far as power, weight etc. . . . The big difference I notice is that riding the 426 is like riding a competition race bike rather than just a dual purpose or off-road bike. It reminds me of a Honda CR-250 Elsinore I rode when I was young and crazy. It is a high-performance bike that needs premium fuel and a little extra care. The technology used in the bike is in my opinion far more advanced than the other bikes you are considering. Starting has not been a problem for me and I am happy to leave in the stock cam and use the manuel decompression. I can see where starting could be difficult for some shorter guys or those who do not follow the required starting procedure.

I test rode a DRZ 400 before buying the 426 and liked it. It handles nice and has good balance. It is probably easier for an inexperienced rider or a non-agressive rider to handle than the 426. The suspension is nice but not not as good as the WR. The e-start is nice if you want another battery to deal with and no kicker if the battery is dead. I thought the DRZ was more comfortable than my WR.

I rode an xr-600 for years but have not ridden the 650. The 426 is far quicker and more nimble than the 600. I don't know about the improvements to the 650, but would guess it handes similarly to my 600. The Hondas seem to run for years with little care.

In summary, if you want a high-performance race-type screamer to go all out, I suggest the WR. If you are still learing to ride, don't ride aggressively, or just like to cruise, one of the others would be fine. The Kawasaki KLX400 is the same bike as the DRZ if you prefer green or have a better dealer in green.

Happy trails.

wyohorse, Your post is dead on!! :)

It's simple........There is no comparison. :)

I have been without an enduro for a while, I have been riding a 2001 YZF426 so I was used to that, I just bought a 2002 WR426, it feels a little heavy compared th the yz and dosn't have quite the throttle response, it also seemed like it wanted to push in the corners, I'm not saying that it's not a good bike, I had a blast on it my first ride, I just wasn't sure what to expect, since then I switched the steel subframe with a yz alluminum, had my suspension re-valved, did the yz cam timing and took the screen out of the air filter cage and put a DSP ti pipe on. now it feels more like my yzf and that makes a great enduro.

Wow.......Great story. :)

He was comparing the WR to these bikes:

XR 650

Drz 400e

XR 400

But really, a great story.

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