clutch loosing tension while riding?

i got a weird issue...before we start the bike has a hinson clutch,basket and hub and i took everything apart and it "appears" to be groving, fibers have plenty of pad left and all the metal discs are flat...

The only weird thing i seen was the most inner fiber plate (the skinny one) that has the big ring spring and washer inside of it had some of the fiber missing in a small spot..

What it dose..i adjust the clutch so there is very minimal end play in the lever..but after 10 minutes of riding..with minimal clutch abuse the lever develops 1/4" of play and i realize when i stall out in a turn and fall over because the clutch wont fully disengage :worthy:

I can also put my hand on the clutch cover for a quite few seconds so im not blazing the clutch

I have to re-adjust the clutch to ride the rest of the day...but after it cools the lever gose to super tight with no play at all...seems like the springs are bad but i put a new set in and the same thing happens:foul:

it has yellow springs by the way

anything else to look for?

You are getting the clutch hot, and the expansion of the plates is causing the pressure plate to move away from the push rod, increasing the slack. If you are running aluminum clutch plates replace them with steel such as the OEM plates, and maybe ride the bike a little less like it was a two-stroke.

maybe ride the bike a little less like it was a two-stroke.

you might have me there....:worthy:

it has steel plates by the way...i dont "feal" like im abusing the clutch though..i mean i use it in tight turns were the bike would brake stall..and thats about it...alot of the woods here are super did it out on the track too and i dont use the clutch a whole lot out there....that i notice anyways..ill watch my self next time out

Thanks grey

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