WR426F subframe replace


I own a WR426F yamaha model 2002.

Can I replace may metal subframe with a WR450F 2003 aluminum subframe? and if not where can I buy an aftermarket aluminum subframe?

Thanks Shahar

Does anyone know if the YZ426F 2002 subframe fits?


Yes it should. The only thing that will be different is the yz subframe will not have a bracket for the radiator overflow bottle. I put a yz subframe on my 2000 model. I didn't use the overflow bottle all last year and I didn't have any overheating problems except for when I sat and idled on the very hot days.

It fits, you'll beed to fabricate a hanger for the coolant resevoir if you plan to keep it.

If you put a 450 subframe on it, you may have to change a lot of other parts as well- such as the airbox, rear fender, side panels, seat, tank, and rad shrouds. A lot changed between the 02 and 03 geometry. Your best bet is to find a YZ subframe and make a bracket for the overflow bottle, if you even want to use it.

If it would fit I would be highly surprised! Only an 02 YZ subframe will fit.(been there done that) earlier sub-frames take too much modification to fit. Rear brake res. exhaust mt and coolant tank, just to name a few.

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