2008 yz450 serious oil leak! help please! anyone!

i recently had a new oil pump, piston, rings and timing chain installed on it. the bike came back from the mechanic running great, i have put about 8 hours on the bike, i noticed on my last ride that there was some oil coming out of the vaulve breather tube. i have the tube rerouted up into my air box to avoid sand getting in it (cause of the rebuild). there was at first only enough that i noticed a few drips coming down the subframe. i thought nothing of it and cleaned it up.

i just took the bike out for a spin around the block and hit it hard 1st- 5th a few times up and down the street, i put the bike back in the garage and noticed that there was oil covering the swing arm and dripping out of the bottom of the air box and alll down the rear shock...

what could this be? i just payed $1400 for a rebuild and could really use some help in avoiding the shop again!

Over filled.

like gray said overfilled, also give it sometime for the rings to seat, might be causing alittle blowby

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